Top 4 Autumn Hair Colour Trends 2022

October 06, 2020 3 min read

Are you ready for a hair update? Feel inspired by our round-up of the top autumn hair colour trends of 2022. From natural, low-maintenance hues, to bold dyes that will help you feel instantly empowered; get ready to find your hair confidence this Autumn.

1: Face-framing streaks

Jessica Gonzalez

The hottest hair trend to emerge out of lockdown was undoubtedly face-framing streaks – and it’s here to stay for autumn. An iconic Geri Halliwell look of the 90s, blonde streaks have re-emerged for 2022, but with a more tailored approach. From the shade (think platinum, golden blonde, white blonde or even pastel shades) to the thickness (go chunky or even chunkier), face-framing streaks are set to make a statement.

Top tip: We’ve seen plenty of chunky hair DIYs go viral for all the wrong reasons, meaning this look is best left to the professionals. Your stylist will be able to ensure your bleached streaks develop properly, without leaving your hair with over-processed, damaged ends.

2: Auburn

The epitome of autumnal hair, auburn is back for 2022. Whether in the form of subtle highlights or an all-over wash, auburn hues promise to add depth and richness, blurring the lines between brown, red and even honey blonde. A great shade for warming up winter complexions, this season will see more muted auburn tones emerge that are easier to upkeep and flattering on a multitude of skin types.  Add body and thickness to rich auburn tones with our autumnal shades of hair extensions

Top tip: Keep your colour vibrant for longer by using hair care products specially formulated for coloured hair.

3: Natural colour

After a summer in quarantine, this Autumn marks a return to more natural hair colours. With many people having experienced hair disasters from at-home dye jobs and extreme grow-out from not being able to book into the salon, expect to see lots of people ditching high-maintenance colour jobs and sticking closer to their natural shade. Opt for our 100% Human Hair Four Piece to compliment your natural colour, our Human Hair Sets are soft, thick and luxurious and provide the most natural looking finish.

Top tip: Put the focus on improving the quality of your natural hair by investing in a luxurious hair care routine. Consider incorporating a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner into your hair wash and using luxurious argan oil to keep hair looking glossy and healthy.

4: Lava streaks


Giving a nod to the 90s, chunky streaks are back and this time in a vibrant crimson hue. Already spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid and model Devon Lee Carlson, the trend sees vibrant lava-red strips added to hair in the form of dye or, for a more temporary look, playful extensions. Bold, attention-grabbing and surprisingly low-maintenance,  lava streaked hair is the ultimate style for feeling fierce and empowered this autumn.

Top tip: If you’re not ready to commit to crimson streaks in the salon just yet, why not clip in some clip on hair ponytails and one piece hair extensions to test out the look first? Try our extensions in the shades Cherry Blossom, Primrose or Sunrose to get the look. 

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