Orders & Requests

What delivery options are available?

You can see all of our delivery options here.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes. We deliver worldwide.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will receive an email once we’ve dispatched your order which will have a tracking number and a link to the courier's website. If you have any problems, please email info@strandedhairgroup.com or call us on 0161 834 2173.

The item I want to order is showing as out of stock, when will is be available to order?

We apologise that the item you require is currently out of stock, during busy periods we can sometimes get caught short. To check when the item is due back in stock, please email info@strandedhairgroup.com, and a member of our team will be able to advise you.

What is your return policy?

You can find our full returns policy here.

Do you offer exchanges?

Exchanges are accepted, however all products must be unused, unworn and in their original packaging for an exchange to be accepted. You can find our full exchange policy here.

Are returns free?

Yes, if you’re in the UK you can return your order for free by visiting our website and printing a free post returns label. International customers are required to arrange their own returns. Full returns information can be found here.

Do you refund the delivery charges?

Yes, if you’re in the UK you can return your order for free by visiting our website and printing a free post returns label. International customers are required to arrange their own returns. Full returns information can be found here.

I've received the wrong item/ an item is missing from my order, what should I do?

If there is anything wrong with your order, please contact us either by emailing info@strandedhairgroup.com or by calling 0161 834 2173.

I have a faulty item, what should I do?

All of our products are thoroughly tested, however on the rare occasion that a fault does occur, please contact us by emailing info@strandedhairgroup.com and we will try our best to help.

I've changed my mind, can I cancel or amend my order?

If your order hasn’t been dispatched yet, you can contact us regarding any changes you wish to make by calling us on 0161 834 2173.

I'm having trouble logging into my account, what should I do?

If you can’t log into your account, please check all of your details are correct. If you still can’t log in, please use the password reset feature. If this doesn't work, get in touch with us by emailing info@strandedhairgroup.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Hair Extensions

Which fitting method is best?

This depends on the look you want to achieve and how permanent you want that look to be. For a quick and effective solution, clip-ins are great. If you want a longer lasting look, bonded applications or wefts are a popular option. For more personal advice you can email us at info@strandedhairgroup.com or call us on 0161 834 2173.

How long should my extensions last?

This depends on the type of hair you purchase and how well you look after your hair extensions. With the correct aftercare and regular maintenance (for professionally applied extensions), the lifespan of your new extensions will be increased.

What lengths of hair extensions do you offer?

We have hair extensions ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches.

What is the difference between the types of hair you have available?

We have 3 different types of hair available; Salon Professional Remy hair, Human hair, and Heat Resistant hair.

Salon Professional Remy Hair - This is considered to be the highest quality of hair available. Our Remy hair can only be fitted by an approved, specially qualified hair extension technician.

Human Hair - Human hair extensions are created using only 100% human hair fibres, and can therefore by treated and styled like your own natural hair. Human hair is the most popular choice as it is a high quality product which creates a natural and seamless look when colour matched correctly.

Heat Resistant Hair - Our Heat Resistant hair is made from heat resistant synthetic fibres and is our most affordable option. The versatility of heat resistant hair makes it a great option if you’re new to extensions and are wanting to try them out before investing in human hair.

Can I use heat on my hair extensions?

Yes, all Stranded International hair extensions are safe to use heat on. Our Heat Resistant hair is heat resistant up to 180 degrees, and our Human Hair extensions can be heated up to 230 degrees. Although it is safe to heat the hair to these high temperatures, we always recommend a heat protection spray is applied first to help protect the quality of the hair.

Can you human hair extensions by coloured?

Yes, our Human extensions can be coloured. However, it is important that we state that once the hair has been coloured or treated by you or your hairdresser, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee over the hair or its quality. We will not accept any returns for hair which has been coloured, toned or has been treated with silver or purple toning shampoo.

Do you have instructions on how to attach your hair extensions and hair pieces?

Yes, we’ve shared several ‘How To’ posts on our Stranded Blog to help you learn how to attach the different types of hair extensions and pieces we have available. If you can’t find what you need, you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Clip in hair extensions are the safest and least damaging type of extensions you can use. As they’re attached temporarily, there isn’t permanent pulling or stress on your natural hair. The clips we use are a safe and secure way to attach your extensions. As long as you do not sleep, swim or shower in your clip in hair extensions, or keep them attached for excessively long periods of time, there is no reason that they would cause any damage.

How should I care for my extensions?

We have a fantastic range of products all designed specifically to keep your extensions in their best condition and to prolong their lifespan. You can find our full range of aftercare products here.

How do I wash and dry my extensions?

Unlike your natural hair, extensions do not need to be washed very often. This is because your extensions aren’t receiving natural oils from your scalp like your own hair does. Once you feel that they need washing, begin by brushing your extensions to remove any knots or tangles. Then, fill your sink with warm water and thoroughly wet the extensions. You can then wash them with shampoo, just as you would your own hair, and rinse. Once all of the shampoo has been rinsed out, apply a generous amount of conditioner and work well through the hair, then rinse. To dry your extensions, begin by gently patting them dry with a towel, never rub them. Brush them through, using a smoothing or conditioning product if necessary, and either allow to dry naturally or use your hair dryer. If using a hair dryer, always make sure you apply heat protection to your extensions first to maintain their quality. Once they’re dry, your extensions will look great again!

Can I sleep in my hair extensions?

No, it is not safe to sleep in your clip in hair extensions. Whilst sleeping, the movement of your head against your pillow causes the clips to pull at your natural hair, and this can cause damage and breakage. The benefit of clip in extensions is that they are quick and simple to attach and remove, so always un-clip them and store them away at night.


How do I colour match my hair?

There are various ways we can help you find your perfect colour match: 

Email a photo of your hair to info@strandedhairgroup.com and a member of our team will colour match you.

Upload a photo of yourself at www.strandedhairgroup.com/colour-matching and we will email you your colour match.

You can order up to 3 colour swatch samples and get free delivery, so you can colour match yourself. If that’s not enough, you can also pay to loan one of our colour wheels with our full range of colours.

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