The Best Way To Put Luxury Clip-in Hair Extensions In

January 12, 2023 5 min read

Want your extensions to look undetectable in any light? Discover the ultimate guide to wearing our luxury Human Hair Four Piece. We'll show you the best ways to put luxury clip-in hair extensions in so you feel more confident, empowered, and beautiful.

What is the Human Hair Four Piece?

Thick, glossy, and soft, the luxury Human Hair Four Piece is crafted from high-quality human hair. Each pack contains four wefts; all pre-clipped with our signature non-slip silicone grips. So now even the softest hair can enjoy a hold that lasts all day long.

With a 28-strong colour range to choose from, it's easy to find a great match, too. Extensively developed to mimic real hair, these luxury clip-in hair extensions are available in a wide range of vanilla blondes, rich hazels, and vibrant cherry hues, to name just a few. Get matched by one of our experts, or find your colour from our online swatch library. 

How to clip-in luxury hair extensions

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need for a speedy hair transformation that looks seamless and feels comfortable from AM to PM. 

Must-have hair tools:

Depending on the final look you'd like to achieve and your natural hair type, choose either a curler or straightener to blend your extensions with your natural hair. 

Expert tip: If you have shorter hair or a super blunt cut, consider curling your hair for a more natural-looking finish. Curls help to integrate the extensions into your own hair, creating the illusion of longer, thicker hair that's all your own.

Part of the beauty of clip-in human hair extensions is that there's zero commitment and minimal upkeep so you won't have to keep returning to the salon to have your hair extensions moved up or replaced. Instead, you can simply clip them in when you want to achieve a dazzling longer, thicker hair look and go au natural on off-duty days.

How to clip in hair extensions

Step 1: Brush out your hair

Begin your clip-in human hair application by brushing through your hair to remove any tangles and knots.

We also recommend brushing through your Human Hair Four Piece to ensure it is silky smooth. To reduce shedding and keep the hairpiece looking its best, hold the hair firmly by the top lace track. Now brush the hair starting at the bottom, working your way up the lengths to the top.

Use our Smooth Finish Extension Brush to encourage a silky finish that's free from flyaways.

Step 2: Clip in your first weft

Now your hair is smooth and knot-free, use your comb to separate one small section of hair at the nape of the neck. Try to create a straight, horizontal parting using your mirror. Use the claw clip to secure the rest of your hair out of the way.

Take your smallest clip-in extension weft (14cm wide) and measure it against the parting. It should fit but if it is too small or large, simply adjust your parting. Line up the middle extension clip with the middle of your parting and clip in as close to your scalp as possible. Work along each side, securing the clips along the parting.

Top tip: If your natural hair is particularly smooth, you may need to backcomb the bottom of the parting to give the silicone-lined grips more texture to hold on to. 

Step 3: Clip in your second weft

Once your first piece is securely fitted, remove the claw clip and create your second horizontal parting. This should sit around one inch above the first hair weft (roughly around the middle to the tops of your ears). Temporarily clip the top section of hair up out of the way using your claw clip.

Take the 21cm hair weft and measure this along the parting. It should be wide enough to fit across the entire parting, leaving just two small gaps towards the hairline (so as not to be visible from the front). Find the central clip and slide this in close to the middle of the parting. Close the clip and continue fitting the extension to the left and right sides of your head. Make sure the top of the extension sits smoothly against your scalp and is bump-free by pulling it taught as you clip in the extension piece.

Step 4: Fit weft three

Now we're ready to clip in a weft at the widest part of your head. Separate your hair into another horizontal parting (this may be near your temples) and secure the top section with your claw clip.

Take your 28cm hair extension weft and measure this around the parting. Find the middle clip and slide this into the middle of your parting at the back of your head. Secure all the clips and take down the top section of your hair.

Step 5: Clip in the final weft

Now you've fitted three of your extensions, it's a good time to brush through your hair and see if you need to make any adjustments. If you're happy with the look so far, move on to fitting the final weft. 

Part your hair horizontally around your head, just above the third row of extensions. This parting should still sit relatively low down (just above the temples) to ensure you have enough hair left to disguise the top layer of extensions. Once parted, secure the top section with the claw clip.

Using the same method as in steps two to four, measure and fit the extensions close to your scalp. Once finished, let down the top layer of hair.

Step 6: Styling

Now you've fitted your extensions, it's time to make sure they look flawless.

First, use your mirror to check that none of the extension clips or tracks are visible. Now, gently brush through your entire hair, helping the extensions to blend in with your natural locks. If you love this look, simply stop here. Or, if you want to create an even more polished finish, use your straightener or curler to style your hair into your desired finish.

Top tip: By curling your hair after the hair extensions have been fitted, you can create a more natural-looking finish, as your own hair and the lengths of the hair extensions will all be styled the same way.

Caring for your Human Hair Four Piece: 3 Must-know tips

Now you've learned the best ways to put in luxury clip-in hair extensions, it's time to learn how to care for them properly. Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions need a little TLC to keep them looking their absolute best.

Here's our top tricks and tips for looking after the Human Hair Four Piece:

Don't overwash

While it's tempting to give your extensions a quick shampoo every week, over-washing will actually shorten the lifespan of your precious hair piece. As they're not protected by the oils your scalp produces, overwashing can leave your clip-ins dull, brittle, and thin. Instead, wash your hair extensions every 20-30 wears. This will help avoid product build-up, remove any dirt and maintain the integrity of the hair extension.

Never brush when wet

Caught in a downpour? Put down the brush for now! Brushing wet hair can cause irreversible damage on your natural hair and your human hair extensions. Instead, wait until your wefts are dry before tackling them with the hairbrush. 

Remove before bed

Simple but so important: remember to never sleep in your clip-in hair extensions. It's not only going to be extremely uncomfortable but can damage both your natural hair and the extensions.

Now you know how to fit the Human Hair Four Piece like an expert, you can shop our luxury human hair clip-in extensions here. Plus, read more tips and hair extension advice on our blog.


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