Extension Weights Explained

October 17, 2017 3 min read 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered what the weights mean on human hair extensions (also see our 16 inch clip in extensions) and how heavy that actually makes them? Well we've put together a simple guide below that runs through what weight categories there are and what Stranded products go into each one!


20g-70g Human Hair (Approximately 6 Cherries)

Human hair wefts which weigh between 20-70g are usually used to add extra volume to to a full set of hair extensions, or somebody who only needs a little extra volume. This product is a great addition to a standard extension set. This piece would only be used on its own if your hair is very thin or for styling purposes.

Stranded Product

The Stranded 30g 100% human hair instant strip which is 18 inches in length. This piece has extension clips attached for ease of use. However, the extensions clips can be removed to allow the piece to be professionally fitted. Prices start from £19.99 and are available on 28 shades.



100g-140g Human Hair (Approximately 1 Lemon)

Extensions weighing between 100g-140g are suitable for most women. Hair of this weight is usually sold in various lengths, but the weight is always the same, for example a pack of 14 inch hair and a pack of 22 inch hair will both weigh the same but the 14 inch piece will have more hair on the width whereas the 22 inch extensions will be longer in length. 

Stranded Product

We offer two products within this weight range; the human hair 6 piece clip in setand the human hair weft.

The human hair 6 piece clip in set is 105g, the pieces are pre-cut (3x12cm and 3x15cm) with extension clips attached. These extensions can be fitted easily and quickly, with a choice of 28 carefully chosen shades and 5 lengths (14,16,18,20,22 inch), you’re sure to find your match, prices start from £36.99.

The human hair weft is 105g, the hair is securely fitted to a track which can be cut and personalised to your desired fitting method. The piece is usually fitted professionally but extension clips can be sewn on if you wish to create your own custom clip-in set.  This product is also available in our specially selected colour range and 5 lengths, prices start from £36.99.



140g-190g Human Hair (Approximately 1 Avocado)

Extensions which are between 140-190g are super thick and perfect for adding a boost of volume. Women with very thick hair may require this sort of weight, or if you are looking for a dramatic super thick look then this sort of weight is for you.

Stranded Product

In our product range we have a 150g human hair one piece clip in. This is a luxurious product, full of thickness and volume. The piece is fitted to a 12 inch wide weft with extension clips attached. The product is available in 18 inches and 28 natural looking shades.



200g+ Human Hair (Approximately 3 Kiwi Fruit)

Extensions weighing 200g or more per pack are extremely thick, especially hair extensions on short hair. Women who desire fuller, thicker volume but have very thin hair may need something like this, to ensure their results look natural.

Stranded would only recommend wearing extensions above 200g if you have very thin hair, or you require thick extensions that are also long (above 18 inches). 

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Yippie Vibe
Yippie Vibe

August 25, 2021

Awesome information! Such a wonderful reference! Thanks for all the hard work you have obviously put into this!

Mira Jones
Mira Jones

July 01, 2021

Choosing the right hair extension lengths is essential if you want it to look natural and blend in with your natural hair. It can be tricky to choose the right length of your extension.

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