• I have short hair which products are best for me?

     If you can style you hair into a small ponytail then the ponytail, scrunchies or clipped twirl styles are suitable. The Luxury Clip-in Human Hair, Heat Resistant One pieces, half heads and crown products work best if you have at least shoulder length hair.

  • What is the difference between a One Piece and a Half Head?

     The main difference between the two products is the attachment. A Half Head sits on the back half of your head. The back of your hair is contained within the piece and the front sections of your hair is brushed back to blend the hair seamlessly. The One Piece is worn across the middle of your head, section your hair up from ear to ear. Clip-in along the parted line and release your own hair and brush through.

  • What is the difference between a scrunchie and a clipped twirl?

     Both products are designed to be used with the hair up, however the scrunchie is more like a bobble with pre-style hair covering it. The clipped twirl has two flexible rods covered in hair at either side. Rods can be manipulated to get the best look.

  • Do I need Human or Heat Resistant Hair?

     This answer depends on your requirements, if you prefer to wear your hair in many different styles such as curled or straightened then the human hair set is a better option for you, there’s no limit on styling possibilities. The human hair is also guaranteed 100% human hair meaning the longevity of the hair is increased over Heat Resistant alternatives. The Heat Resistant Hair is almost indistinguishable from human hair, it is pre-styled and is heat resistant up to 180 Degrees. The original style cannot be changed i.e. straight to curly or vice versa, heat can be used to maintain the pre-formed style. For both fibres, good aftercare is vital for maintaining a sleek look and improving the lifespan of your hair extension or hair piece.

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