What are the best individual hair extensions?

November 22, 2022 4 min read

The world of hair extensions can be a minefield. You may have heard terms like tape, clip-ins, sew-ins, micro-links and even cold fusion. Confused? We don't blame you. So, what are the best individual hair extensions? Let us guide you through your options...

What are hair extensions made of?

Hair extensions can be made from either human hair or synthetic hair. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is right for you?

Human Hair extensions

Just like the name suggests, human hair extensions are made from human hair. Often, it has either been donated or collected from different sources and will vary in quality. Considered the most luxurious form of extension, it can be coloured, heat-styled and washed. However, it's important to treat human hair extensions with care, as they can be damaged just like your natural hair.

Known for its realistic appearance, human hair is often used in clip-in extensions and salon hair extensions, such as tape and nano ring extensions. The quality of human hair is reflected in the price and you can expect to pay more as a result.

Synthetic hair extensions

At a more purse-friendly price point, you can also achieve unbelievable results with synthetic hair. Advancements in hair technology now means nylon, acrylic and even polyester hair can mimic the look and feel of natural hair. 

While most synthetic hair extensions can't be heat styled, our Clever Fibre hair can be tweaked using tongs, straighteners or hair dryers up to 180°C. It has also been carefully developed to look ultra-realistic, with varying hues and a wide variety of colour options.

These types of hair extensions come ready-dyed and styled, so you can simply clip them in and go. Often, you'll find synthetic hair is used in buns, ponytails and clip-in extensions.

The best types of individual hair extensions

Whether for a special occasion or the long-term, extensions open up a world of colour, length and style. Clip in, glue in or tie in; discover the best individual hair extensions to enhance your look.

Temporary hair extensions

An instant transformation for your tresses - without the commitment. Temporary hair extensions require little maintenance and create a short-term look that can be re-created again and again at home.

The One Piece

A game-changer when it comes to volume, length and bounce; the One Piece is a single extension piece that creates the illusion of thicker, longer hair. Fast and easy to fit, the One Piece is attached using a series of silicone-lined clips. Impressively thick and available in two lengths, the One Piece is ideal for everyday or special occasions.

Our One Pieces are crafted from Clever Fibre - heat-resistant fibre hair that is pre-styled for a natural, long-lasting effect. While it cannot be re-styled, it can be tweaked with heat styling tools to bring it back to life.

Human Hair Clip-ins

The O.G of hair extensions; Human hair clip-ins give you born-with-it beautiful-looking hair.

Flowing, lightweight and shiny, human hair clip-ins create an ultra-realistic look and behave just like your natural hair, so they often go undetected. A set contains several wefts, each with clips at the base. These can then be clipped in at various places around the scalp to create a full-coverage hairstyle. 

Versatile and convenient, human hair can be styled in the same way as your natural hair and even re-coloured.

The Ponytail 

You can't go wrong with a ponytail - particularly when they're bouncy, full and luxuriously long. Ideal for special occasions, it's easy to create a truly spectacular up-do with a long straight ponytail or a beautiful mermaid-inspired style. 

This type of extension helps you create a new look in minutes. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail and attach your ponytail extension piece. Available in a variety of hairstyles, including flicky, straight and wavy styles, these ponytails allow you to switch up your look, without any permanent changes.

Semi-Permanent extensions

Lasting anywhere up to eight weeks, semi-permanent hair extensions give you a bespoke hair look. They'll need to be professionally installed, but give you enviable length and thickness every day.

Tape extensions

The latest hair extension craze, tape extensions have fast become a most-requested treatment at salons across the nation. 

One of the most affordable semi-permanent extension methods available, each hair extension piece comes in an ultra-thin 1.5 inch panel, which is taped into your natural hair. This makes for a super-fast application, with a full head taking as little as an hour to apply. When they start to grow out? Simply return to the salon and have them moved up.

Ideal for fine hair, the tape sits flush against the scalp, creating an ultra-natural finish that lasts.

Sew-in extensions and weaves

If you don't mind sitting in the salon chair for several hours, sew-in extensions could be for you. This hair extension method involves braiding your natural hair close to the scalp and sewing the weft extensions onto it. This disguises your natural hair and creates an impressive, natural-looking finish that lasts for weeks.

This type of application puts strain on the scalp due to the tightness of the braids, so it's not recommended for extremely delicate or fine hair.

Permanent hair extensions

Want extensions for the long term? If you can't be without your beloved hair extensions, permanent hair extensions could be the choice for you. They can last for months and should be applied by a professional

Micro-ring hair extensions

Lasting several months, micro-ring or micro-bead hair extensions forgo glue, braids and heat in the fitting process. Instead, these hair extensions use tiny metal beads or rings to attach individual extension pieces to your hair. During the installation, your stylist can mix and match colours to create a bespoke look and discreet finish.

As the hair grows out, the extensions can be moved up towards the root and the hair extensions reused.

Fusion or Pre-bonded hair extensions

For believable results and an ultra-long-lasting finish, these extensions fuse individual extension pieces with your natural hair. Lasting up to four months with the right aftercare, this method proffers some of the longest-lasting results.



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