Do your Hair Extensions Look their Best?

September 30, 2019 3 min read

Top Tips for Fitting Clip-In Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions can look beautiful, feel natural and inspire confidence. Full, healthy and glossy; they give you the freedom to experiment with your look for a special occasion or enjoy bouncy, thick hair everyday.


Our luxury Clip In Hair Extensions are ideal for helping you achieve your hair goals. Multi-dimensional and ultra-soft, they blend seamlessly with your own hair - when you know how to fit them correctly. Find out how you can achieve a natural, chic finish with our top tips for fitting clip-in hair extensions.


Choose the perfect product

The first step in achieving natural-looking extensions is to pick your product wisely. Look out for the weight of the hair extensions - as this will give you a good indication of whether or not they’ll look thick and full all the way to the tip. Our premium 16” Human Hair Extensions weigh in at an impressive 140g, while our 20” Human Hair Clip-In Extensions weigh 170g.

1. To wash or not to wash?

While hair extensions can be worn days after your last shampoo session, a build-up of natural oils can make it harder for the extension to clip into your hair securely. For the best results, start with freshly washed, dry hair and use our tips how to look after hair extensions for more texture and staying power!


2. Perfectly parted

One of the keys to achieving natural-looking extensions is to ensure there’s enough hair at the top of your head to adequately cover your clip-ins. If you have very fine hair, consider parting and placing your extensions an inch or two below your crown so they’re well disguised. This will give you more coverage over the extensions and help you feel confident you’re going to achieve a beautifully blended result.


While you can section your hair using your fingertips, for the best results, run a sectioning brush around the back of your head, from ear to ear, to create a clean parting and secure the top section with a clip.


3. Measure your extensions

Before clipping in your extensions, lay your set out flat to view the various widths you have available. The widest extension strip should fit around the widest area of your head - from ear to ear. To check the fit, hold each extension up to your parting. If the extensions are too wide or narrow for you, simply readjust your parting, moving it up or down, to ensure a comfortable, full-coverage fit.

One-piece extensions, like our One piece clip in hair extensions, make achieving the perfect fit effortless, as there’s just one section to clip in.


4. Reach for the comb

Give your clip-in extensions extra hold by backcombing your partings before fitting the extensions. OurSoft bristle brush for hair extensions is ideal for backcombing, adding volume and texture to your natural hair and enhancing the clips’ grip.


5. Spritz and spray

Once your hair is backcombed, add even more staying power to your extensions by applying a light mist of hairspray along the parting. This technique gives the clips more texture to grab onto, keeping them secure all day long. For extra fine hair, try adding a matte texturising cream or powder to your roots before backcombing to create a firmer feel.


6. Carefully clip

Nothing screams “extensions” like visible bunches and lumps in your hair. Avoid the tell-tale signs and create a seamless, natural look by ensuring your extensions fit neatly along your head. To do this, clip the middle extension in first and work from side to side, securing the clips to create a flat fit that feels comfortable and looks totally natural.


7. Check your reflection

Once your extensions are fitted, grab a mirror to check that your natural hair covers the extensions at the sides and back. Readjust the clips if necessary.

8. Style

Don’t forget to gently brush using soft bristle hair brush or run your fingers through your lengths to blend the extensions into your natural hair. One of the things that makes our luxury Four Piece Clip-In Human Hair Extensions so wearable is that they can be heat styled. This allows you to easily match them to your natural hair; whether curly, straight or bouncy, and gives you the option to try a new style and switch up your look easily.


We hope our tips for fitting clip-in hair extensions helps you feel more confident when applying your set!


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