How to Get Curls that Last

March 21, 2019 2 min read

Curling your hair can be a bit of a nightmare, especially for those who have sleek, silky hair. However there are ways to stop your curls falling flat as soon as you step out of the door! 

Here are some of our top tips for helping those curls to last-

  1.  Ease off on the conditioner –Over conditioning your hair can make it more silky and slippery which makes it near impossible for styles such as curls to hold. Use very little or if you can get away with it none at all. It's also recommended you curl day old hair. By that we mean that it isn't freshly washed, but rather done the day before you're planning on curling your hair. Use dry shampoo if you need it to freshen up your roots.
  2. Use Hair Mousse – Mousse has alcohol in it, just as hair spray does. Alcohol helps to remove as much moisture as possible which will give your hair more hold and grip. Use on damp or dry hair and apply from roots to the ends of your hair.
  3. Use Hair Spray – Only use hairspray on dry hair. Take one to two inch sections and mist them with hairspray working from the bottom layers to the top, before wrapping them around the iron.
  4. Choosing The Correct Tools– Now that you’ve prepped your hair with the right products, it’s time to talk technique. If big, bouncy waves are your goal, use heated rollers. You ideally want a mix of at least two dozen large and medium velvet rollers for your whole head. If tighter ringlets are what you’re after, look for a curling iron with a slightly slimmer barrel, like a three-quarter-inch, as opposed to a one-inch or larger. Bear in mind that on straighter hair those tight curls will loosen quickly, so although they may seem very tight at first they will soften.
  5. Section Your Hair – Even if your hair is thin, working in sections ensures that you’ll reach the roots on the back of your head and will give your curls a more consistent style. Use alligator clips to divide hair into three or four sections and save the top half of the hair for last.
  6. Allow The Curls To Set– While the curls are still hot, use your fingers to clip each coil to your head with a metal prong. This little trick helps the curl set and last much longer, and won’t leave an indent on your hair while you’re styling it. Give each coil a spray of strong hold hairspray and let it sit until it’s cooled completely while you work on the rest of your hair.
  7. Finish Off – After you take your curls down one by one, resist piling on product that tends to weigh your hair down. Instead, give your hair a final spray of hairspray. Remember, once you've finished styling your hair, try to touch it as little as possible to prevent it from falling out quicker.

    Just by following these steps you can hopefully keep those curls in place longer.

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