The best ways to style your hair piece

November 22, 2022 6 min read

Need some new hair inspiration? Discover the best ways to style a hair piece with these 8 easy tutorials.

From beachy mermaid waves to the low-maintenance mum bun, it's time to say goodbye to lank, lack-lustre hair and hello to healthy-looking locks. Ready? Let your hair transformation commence.

8 easy hairstyles you can do with hair extensions

Feel inspired to try something new. Discover the 8 best ways to style a hair piece.

1. The Low Ponytail

The lazy girl's secret to stylish hair? A low ponytail. Whether your hair is thick, fine or curly, the low ponytail is a universally-flattering style. And did we mention it's seriously low maintenance?

Elevate this Pinterest-worthy look with a ponytail hairpiece. Luxurious, long, and realistic, our clip-in ponytails are ideal for fine and thick hair types alike. Plus, they are available in over 30 multi-dimensional shades.

Simply create a low ponytail on your natural hair and secure it with a small hair tie. Next, either clip-in or wrap-in your ponytail hair piece. The result: a swish-worthy mane in seconds.

2. Mermaid Waves

Ariel eat your heart out. Long, tousled and effortless; mermaid waves are impossibly cool. But easy to achieve? Not so much.

Luckily, it's a look that's no longer reserved for those with naturally thick, long locks. Enter our human hair extensions. The answer that fine-haired beauties have been waiting for.

Little mermaid vibes are yours when you clip-in our Human Hair Four Piece. Once each piece is secured, use a large barrel curling tong to create tumbling waves. Now, run a wide tooth comb or your fingers through your hair to separate the curls. Finish by misting a fine layer of hairspray across your hair.

Because our human hair extensions are made from the finest natural hair and laced with multi-tonal colours, they look incredibly realistic. Plus, they can be heat styled just like your natural hair. Who cares about Prince Eric when you've got mermaid waves this good?

3. Half-up, Half-down

Ah the humble half-up, half-down. Once reserved for playgrounds, this easy-breezy style is made for those who want to show off their long locks without the hassle of having hair whipping around your face all day. Some might say it's the best of both worlds.

Whether twisted up into a half bun or left in a ponytail, there are lots of ways you can recreate the half-up, half-down look using your hair piece.

Try using a Curly Messy Bun Scrunchie to create a half-up, half-down bun quickly. Start by parting your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Then twist the top section into a top knot. Use the hairpiece scrunchie as a hair tie to secure your bun. Now, brush through the bottom half of your hair. Volia!

4. Big Bouncy Blow Dry

Channel your inner Cindy Crawford with a big bouncy blow-dry. There's no denying a perfectly polished blowout can make you feel more confident. But, if a weekly salon trip isn't realistic (let's be honest, we wish!), we have another way you can achieve a supermodel-inspired blow dry. Try our instant Bouncy Blow Dry Clip-Ins.

Designed to give your hair that just-stepped-outta-the-salon volume, shine, and length, our Instant Bouncy Blow Dry Clip Ins can be worn all day long.

For best results, wash your natural hair and apply a volumising product, such as mousse. Next, blow dry your hair using a large barrel brush. To help the extensions blend in with your natural hair, try using a curling iron to curl the lengths of your hair. Now, fit your hair pieces. Finish by gently combing through your extensions. Consider yourself catwalk ready.

5. The Mum Bun

The look du jour of super mums everywhere. The mum bun is iconic. Effortless, easy, and practical, it's perfect for preventing little fingers and long days from ruining your locks.

If your mum bun could do with a little va-va-voom, a hair piece can give you the volume you crave. Ideal for three-day-old hair, the Super Easy Mum Bun can disguise tired tresses with its cool, messy look.

Particularly effective for fine and thin hair, this hairpiece sits atop your normal bun and is fitted with a budge-proof drawstring cord. So sturdy even soft play is no match for the mum bun.

6. Low Bun

Dinner, drinks, or box set binge; the low bun feels fresh no matter what your day holds.

Ideal for keeping hair out of your face, this style looks good on all face shapes and hair types. Plus, it's ultra-low maintenance.

With no special skills necessary, the low bun simply requires you to brush your hair into a sleek, low ponytail. Now twist your pony into a bun. Secure with a hair tie (or bobby pins) and choose your hair piece of choice; a curly or flicky bun works best.

Designed just like a scrunchie, these bun hair pieces can be wrapped into your hair quickly and are carefully made to look just like your natural hair. The perfect time-saving accessory in our humble opinion.

7. Sleek High Ponytail

All hail the sleek high ponytail. A tried-and-tested style that can withstand humidity, wind, and the longest wedding speeches known to man. It's no surprise it's become a staple hairstyle for special occasions. If it's good enough for Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, it's good enough for us.

Hack your way to a high pony Ariana Grande would be proud of with a hairpiece. Surprisingly easy to fit, a ponytail piece creates the illusion of thicker, longer, more swish-worthy hair.

Whether you have curly hair or straight strands, you can induce ponytail envy with our curly or straight ponytail pieces.

Simply brush through your natural hair and backcomb the crown to create more volume. Now tease into a high ponytail that sits at the crown of your head. Fit the ponytail piece using either the bulldog attachment or wrap method (depending on your hairpiece). Use a fine mist of hairspray on your natural hair to secure flyaways.

8. Side-Swept Curls

No stranger to red carpet appearances, side-swept curls are synonymous with sophistication. A deep side parting gives this hairstyle even more drama, while pearl slides, rhinestone clips, and wedding hair accessories serve glamourous vibes in droves.

Contrary to what you might think, side-swept curls don't necessarily require hours sitting in the salon chair. Style a hairpiece just right and you can shortcut your way to dazzling curls in the comfort of your own home.

To get this Hollywood-inspired hair look, we recommend reaching for the One Piece Curly Hair Extension. Using a fine tooth comb, create a deep parting on your preferred side. Next, we recommend using a large barrel curling tong (for long hair) or a small barrel curling tong (for short hair) to create curls in your natural hair. This will help the hairpiece blend more naturally.

Now, fit the extensions using the silicone-lined clips. Sweep your hair to one side. This may take some teasing. Use matte, natural-coloured bobby pins to help fix the strands of hair to one side. Finish with a strong-hold styling product like hairspray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sleep in my hair piece?

We recommend removing your hair piece before bed. This helps to maintain your hair piece's condition and ensure its longevity.

When removing your hair piece, carefully brush through or tease the hair back into place ready for its next wear. Carefully store your hairpiece overnight in its original packaging or in a lint-free dust bag out of direct sunlight. This will help protect it between wears.

What's the difference between human hair vs synthetic hair pieces?

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair, so they behave and look just like natural hair. Synthetic hair is made from man-made fibres designed to look and feel like real hair.

Human hair can be heat styled just like your natural hair and has a life-like feel and appearance. However, new advancements in synthetic hair mean hair pieces can look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Plus, they can hold a hairstyle for longer without dropping out.

Can I use heat styling tools on my hair piece?

This depends on the fibres of your hair piece.

Human hair can be heat-styled using tools such as straighteners, curlers and hair dryers. However, it's important to properly protect your human hair with heat protection products. We also recommend skipping heat styling as much as possible. This will keep your human hair pieces looking healthier for longer.

Traditionally, synthetic hair pieces cannot be heat styled. However, At Stranded Hair Group, our high-quality fibre hair can be tweaked (not re-styled) using heat tools up to 180°C.

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