The Best Hair Scrunchies in 2022

November 22, 2022 5 min read

There is no denying: hair scrunchies are a major look for 2022. And we're not talking about the puffy gingham numbers we rocked in the playground.

No, our hairpiece scrunchies are covered in realistic-looking hair, can transform flat, thin locks, and can even push hair wash day back for at least another 24 hours...

Meet the best hair scrunchies of 2022.

History of the scrunchie hairpiece

Hair pieces have come a long way since they first appeared in the Edwardian and Georgian eras. Back then, hair switches a precursor to modern-day hair extensions would be used to help women to recreate popular hairstyles of the time.

Pre-styled knots, coils, and twists were also available to buy in a range of classic shades, which provided a foundation for the eras' more intricate styles. 

By the 1950s, switches were being used to create figure eight buns, braided cartwheels, and chignon buns. But, it wasn't until the 1980s and the invention of the classic scrunchie that hair pieces and the new fabric hair tie combined to create something totally new...

The world's first-ever scrunchie

Performer Romy Revson is credited with making the world's first-ever scrunchie. Wanting something that didn't snag her hair, she took to her sewing machine and, two weeks later, the scrunchie we know and love today was born.

Little did she know it would kick-start a trend that's since been seen on the likes of Madonna, Selena Gomez and Jason Momoa (who was snapped with a pink scrunchie in hand during The Oscars 2021 red carpet).

The scrunchie design was patented in 1987 and sold to the brand Scünci, which mass-produced the invention. Today, Revson's first sewing machine and famous scrunchie can be viewed at the Smithsonian Museum.

A new hair accessory hits the market

Achieving unparalleled popularity in the following decade, Revson's iconic scrunchie would soon form the basis for a great new hair accessory: the scrunchie hairpiece.

Easy to fit and fun, the scrunchie hair piece (think a classic scrunchie meets life-like hair extensions) required no commitment but created maximum impact. From curly buns to chignons, it was now easier than ever to achieve a new hairstyle in just a few short minutes.

The hair scrunchie comeback

Trends come and go, but in 2022 the scrunchie is back in a big way.

Today, scrunchies can look like your natural hair (we're looking at you Curly Messy Bun), while fabric variations have been given a luxe update. Look out for silk, organza, and linen versions.

Thanks to advancements in technology, hairpiece scrunchies have never looked more realistic. In fact, some scrunchie hair pieces can look almost identical to your natural hair. This can be credited to developments in the manufacturing of imitation hair, as well as the use of multi-dimensional colour. A far cry from the flat, shiny scrunchies of the past.

If there's ever a time to try a hairpiece scrunchie, it's now.

The best hair scrunchies of 2022:

Now you've found out where the scrunchie came from and how hair pieces have developed over the decades, it's time to discover the best hair scrunchies in 2022. Discover our round-up and feel inspired to update your look with these fun, glamorous hair accessories.

The best scrunchie for curly hair

Curly-haired girls, we got you. While it can also be used on straight hair types, the Curly Messy Bun is ideal for coiled coifs. Made from premium, heat-resistant fibre hair, the curls in this scrunchie can be tweaked with a heat styler up to 180°C.

Weighing an impressive 64g, it's ideal for adding a quick, chic twist to your everyday and occasion updos. Simply twist it over your existing bun to add volume and drama to your natural hair.

The best scrunchie for straight hair

Poker straight or wavy hair? Introduce a touch of sophisticated movement into your look with the Flicky Messy Bun. With its tumbling strands teased into a loose, messy bun, the Flicky Messy Bun creates the illusion of longer, thicker locks. The best bit? You can fit it in two minutes flat. 

The best scrunchie for fine hair

For our thin-haired ladies always on the go, the Flicky Messy Bun has you covered. Literally. This new scrunchie style wraps around your natural bun, leaving your hair looking healthier and visibly thicker.

Developed to look and behave like human hair, this hair scrunchie can trick even the most perceptive of your colleagues into believing you grew the hair yourself.

The best hair scrunchie for damaged hair

Want to disguise damaged hair? Get a stylish curly or flicky bun without using any heat with our Messy Bun Duo. This two-in-one hair scrunchie pack gives you a multitude of hair options – all without having to sacrifice your natural hair's integrity.

Our top tip? Lather on a hair treatment and let it get to work while you fake a fabulous updo with a messy bun.

The best hair scrunchie for thick hair

Tired of taming your thick locks? Let a Flicky Messy Bun scrunchie do the hard work for you. Simply wrap your hair into a bun, secure it with traditional hair ties and use the scrunchie hair piece to create a luxurious, flicky effect all without having to wrestle with your naturally thick hair.

How to look after your scrunchie hair piece

Looking after your scrunchie hairpiece can keep it looking better, for longer.

To look after the hair piece scrunchies in our collection, we recommend keeping them in the original packaging or a dust bag. This helps to keep it free from dust and debris.

It's also important to wash your scrunchies occasionally to keep them in top condition. Find out how below.

How to wash your scrunchie hairpiece:

Step 1: Gently comb through the hair being careful not to pull or tug on the hair extension.

Step 2: Submerge the scrunchie hairpiece into lukewarm water until saturated.

Step 3: Using a gentle shampoo, work this into the hairpiece. Rinse out thoroughly.

Step 4: Coat the hair in a small amount of conditioner and leave it in for a couple of minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.

Step 5: Gently towel dry the hair, being careful to remove excess water. Now lay out the bun and leave it to dry naturally. Gently brush through before using.

Ready to snap up a new scrunchie? Explore our range of premium, natural-looking hair pieces today. Our colour-matching experts are available to help you choose from our extensive shade range. Simply take a photo of your hair in natural lighting and we'll send you back your closest colour match.

Learn how to style your scrunchie hairpiece and find inspiring ideas for your next updo on our blog.


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