Everything you need to know about Tape Hair

January 20, 2019 4 min read


Tape hair extensions are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for clients and hair professionals across the globe, but what is so great about them? Here we have listed 6 reasons why they are so popular and why the world of hair extensions is going Tape crazy!

    1. The Kindest Method of Professionally Fitted Hair Extensions.Tape extensions have minimal effect on the client’s natural hair. The 4cm wide tape distributes the weight of the extension across a larger section of hair than most other professionally attached extension methods. This means natural hair is less likely to break or be pulled out from the root, keeping it intact and healthy looking, even when the extensions are removed (make sure to check out our one piece clip-in extensions).
    2. A Heat Free Application. Many professionally fitted hair extension methods require heated appliances to bond extensions to natural hair. Tapes are different. They are fitted by sandwiching together two tapes, with a small section of natural hair in-between. This is then clamped with a specially designed tool, and absolutely no heat needed.
    3. Simple and Quick attachment. A full head of Tape hair can be fitted in under one hour! This is revolutionary in the world of hair extensions, with more traditional methods taking at least two hours. It’s no wonder Tape hair extensions have been welcomed by hair professionals and clients alike. Saving time when fitting extensions is a massive perk for hair professionals. The time saving Tape technique means professionals can squeeze in more clients and become more profitable, and the client can say goodbye to endless hours sitting in a salon.
    4. Natural Looking Results. Tape extensions look amazing. The seamless design provides a flat finish with no lumps or bumps, and the extensions blend perfectly with natural hair. This results in a wonderfully smooth, natural looking head of hair that leaves clients jumping for joy!
    5. Easily Removable and Re-useable. Tapes can be removed quicker than they can be applied. Removal is done by applying a bond remover in-between the tapes. This is rubbed in and the tapes will effortlessly glide out. Once removed, high quality Tape extensions can be re-used. The tapes will need to be cleaned, then fresh tape applied ready for re-fitting.
    6. Comfortable and Low Maintenance. Fitting a client with hair extensions which are uncomfortable and difficult to maintain causes disappointment. Tape extensions are soft and comfortable and require very little maintenance. When fitted correctly, the client will almost forget they are wearing extensions. They will not cause any discomfort, only admiration!

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    What You Need to Know About Tape Hair Extensions

    Tape extensions consist of a 3-5 cm wide section of human-gathered natural or synthetic fiber that is glued onto the scalp using an adhesive tape.

    Taping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add length and volume to your natural tresses. We offer a wide range of tape colours and lengths here at StrandHaird.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Tape In Extensions Suitable For All Different Hair Types?

    Tape ins are incredibly flexible and work best on fine hair. They are not recommended for people with naturally oily hair because the oils from your scalp could make the tapes budge.

    It might be challenging to decide which type of hair extension is ideal for you because there are so many available.

    All hair types respond well to tape-in hair extensions, but they are not without drawbacks. They lay flat, giving you a smooth, natural appearance, making them perfect for thin hair.

    However, if your hair is naturally oily, the oils from your scalp could make the tapes come off. Before you spend money on extensions, consult with an expert; they can give you the finest advice and you'll receive the best results.

    What are the advantages of tape extemsions?

    They don't cause any harm to your scalp or skin. The pieces weigh between two and three grams so they won't feel too heavy or slide off. If you have fragile and/ or damaged strands of your own, these products will help them grow back stronger.

    What are tape in hair extensions?

    As the name implies, tape-in extensions have pre-taped wefts that are typically one inch wide and manufactured of a medical-grade glue. Tape-in extensions can be produced of actual human hair or synthetic hair, just like other types of extensions. 100% human hair would be the greatest option for the most natural look and feel because the cuticle is still intact, the hair is typically obtained from one donor, and all of the cuticles are pointing in the same direction. As a result, there are fewer tangles, knots, and matting in the extensions, and you can style them more freely than you could with synthetic hair.

    Do tape exentions ruin your hair?

    No, tape extensions do not damage your hair. They simply add volume and length to it.

    How long does it take to apply tape in extensions?

    The process takes about 10 minutes per application. It's important to note that this time varies depending on how much hair you're adding.

    Can I use tape in extensions after my hair has been coloured?

    Yes, you can colour your hair while wearing tape in extensions. However, if you want to keep the colour consistent throughout your entire head of hair, it's better to wait until your hair is completely dry before applying the tape.


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