The Definition of Remy Hair

March 28, 2019 3 min read

Remy hair; a term you may have heard in the hair world, but may not know that much about. There are so many different types of hair extensions, it’s easy to get a little bit lost and to be unsure of what’s what.

Remy hair is the highest possible quality of hair you can buy. It is human hair that has previously undergone little to no processing, meaning it’s still in it's best condition. The hair is cuticle aligned, which essentially means that all of the cuticles have remained intact and in the same direction that they would naturally grow from the scalp; a hugely important part as it’s what makes the hair so silky, soft and free from any tangles. The cuticles work to protect the hair and lock in moisture. Keeping the cuticles intact results in the most natural finish you could hope to achieve from extensions.

Here at Stranded, we strive to ensure quality in every single product we sell. As a result, we’ve spent years developing our Remy Salon Professional hair line. We took the time to extensively research the best supplier, eventually finding the one that is right for our customers and can produce our Remy hair in the best possible setting. We spent a long time testing our hair, only wanting to offer the best on the market and providing the high quality product that our customers know and expect from us as a brand.

After such a long time in the making, we are more than a little excited to announce we have now released this new line of Remy hair. We’re proud in knowing it’s the very best available!

One key difference between our Remy hair and our other ranges of extensions is the fitting, we strongly recommend our Remy hair is fitted by a professionally by a specially trained hair extension technician. There are various application methods available, and your qualified technician will be able to help you chose the hair extensions and the application method that is right for you.

Not is is our Remy hair premium quality, but as it’s human hair it can be treated in the same way as you would treat your own natural hair. You can wash and style as normal with heated tools. We have a fantastic range of 18 colours currently available in both 16 and 20 inch lengths, and because it’s human hair you’re free to have it cut and styled in a way that suits you and your own hair.

The maintenance of your new Remy hair is what will determine how long and how well it will last. With all hair extensions after care is vital to keep them looking and feeling their best, but this is truer than ever with Remy with it being such fine quality. Looking after the hair correctly through regular brushing, washing, conditioning and heat protection will allow it to get the nourishment it needs, and enable the hair to remain soft and free of knots and tangles.

If you want to achieve the very best look, our Remy extensions can’t be beat. They’re beautifully glossy and smooth to the touch, creating a seamless, natural look. Our customers can’t get over how incredible their hair looks and feels!

Would you like to have our new Salon Professional Remy hair fitted and see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Contact us today and we can help you locate an approved salon near you.

We can’t wait to see your transformations!

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