Plaited Up-Do Hair Tutorial

November 02, 2019 3 min read

Are you looking for some hair inspiration? We’ve created some easy hair styles that you can achieve yourself using your Stranded hair extensions. For our first look, we have a beautiful plaited up-do, perfect whether you have a wedding, an event, or maybe just a special occasion coming up.

For this look our model is wearing an 18 inch one piece curly clip in extension from our heat resistant range, and we’ll also be using one of our plait accessories.

Step 1

Separate off the top section of your hair and clip up to keep out of the way. Attach the one piece clip in extension to the hair that's down. If necessary, you can backcomb the roots of your hair a little to allow the clips to grip more securely. You can then let down the top section of your hair and brush through to blend.

Step 2

Section off the front part of your hair on either side, roughly from where your ear is. These front sections will be used later to finish the look.

Step 3

With the remainder of your hair, gather it together and tie in a low ponytail using a hair elastic or bobble.

Step 4

With your hair that's in the ponytail, you're now going to create the bun part of this look bit by bit. Taking about an inch of hair at a time, you need to take each section and loop it over the ponytail and pin down using a hair grip. For this particular look, our model is wearing an 18 inch clip in, so when pinning each loop around 1-2 inches of the ends were left free, however this may differ depending on the length of your natural hair and your extensions. Continue doing this for all of your hair in the ponytail. Make an effort to cross some of the loops over each other for a fuller and more interesting look.

Step 5

As you have pinned more and more of the pieces, a lot of those loose ends should have ended up covered or hidden within the bun. However, for any that are left, pin them down hidden within some of the hair loops to ensure a neat finished look.

Step 6

Taking your plait accessory, wrap it around the bun, fastening it in place underneath. This helps conceal any messy sections at the base, and adds a lovely element to the hair style in a quick and easy way.

Step 7

Now you're going to work with those front pieces you sectioned off at the beginning. For each side, take the hair, twist from the middle section towards the ends (twisting towards your head), then place it so it sits just on top of the plait, and pin once the hair reaches the opposite side. Do this for both sides. Then the ends of those front sections can be tucked underneath the plait and pinned if necessary. If you usually like to have some of your hair out to frame your face, you can always leave a little out when you twist back those front sections.

And there you have it! This plaited up-do is such a stylish and sophisticated look, it doesn’t require any heat, and is nice and easy to create yourself!

Do you want to see more of how this look was created? Head to our Instagram or Facebook to see the full video.

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