Do Extensions Work for Short Hair?

June 06, 2019 4 min read

All too often we hear from women who want to wear our extensions but are worried about how they’ll look in their short hair. It’s a concern we want to help with.

You may want to add length to your tresses, or perhaps volume is your priority. If your hair is short, whether that be a choice, due to damage or because of illness, there are ways to add hair extensions but do so in a way that works for you and your hair.

For most women, length is usually what they’re after. It isn’t advisable for someone with above the shoulder length hair to then add 20 inch extensions; it’s going to be too dramatic. Our best advice would be to opt for our shortest length of 14 inches. This is still going to add a considerable amount of length to your hair but will look much more natural.

Influencer Grace recently tried our Human Hair extensions.

If you’re happy with your hair length but are looking to add volume, our Human Hair extensions are your best option. In addition to the superior quality, Human Hair extensions are great as they can be treated in much the same way as your real hair. This means that you have the option of having them cut to a shorter length to match your own hair, and you can then take advantage of the beautiful volume that the extensions add.

Influencer Grace from @gracesfashionforecast recently tried our clip in Human Hair Extensions in the 14 inch length. As someone with very short hair herself, we asked her to share how she’s found them and her advice to other women with short hair who are considering extensions.


"It's so nice to have the option of short or long hair without having to sacrifice looking 100% real and natural."

The first step, and the most important one, is finding the right colour. Here at Stranded, we know how crucial getting the correct colour match is and we work hard to make sure you get the perfect shade. Our customers are testament to this, and Grace is just one of our many happy customers. She found the colour match to be perfect and told us that it made it a million times easier to have her extensions look natural.

Once you’ve got your colour matched, the next step is attaching your extensions for your short hair. The issue with short hair is often your natural hair line is too harsh against your extensions, so it’s more obvious that you’re wearing them. Grace has been using a 6 piece set, and uses all six pieces to achieve the best look. She attaches them by starting low on her head with the first piece, separating the hair and backcombing the root to make sure it clips in securely. From there she continues separating off her hair in small sections, attaching a strip of extensions as she goes. Grace found that she didn’t have that much of her own hair between each layer of extensions with her hair being so short, but by backcombing at the roots she had enough to attach the extensions to. The last two strips of extensions she clipped quite close to the top of her head and at the two sides for the most natural finish. Layering your extensions like this is the best way to create a seamless transition. Try and layer them as close to the top of your head as you are able to without having the extensions show. It may be that you need to then backcomb under your roots to help conceal the extensions by creating more volume there.

"It's definitely easy to be put off from wearing extensions when you have really short hair, but having extensions like the ones I'm wearing in a shorter length helps them look even more natural."

Another great tip is to curl your hair, as the shape and texture helps conceal any harshness between your real hair and the extensions. Our Heat Resistant extensions can be purchased in a curly style, and we recommend curling your own hair before you attach them. If you’re using our Human Hair extensions, you’re best curling these and your own hair separately before you clip them in (it’s easiest to curl the extensions by hanging them up on a hanger). Once the extensions are attached, the best way to help blend them is to then take your curling wand, and with sections of both your own hair and the extensions, re-curl them together. Curling a mix together helps to blend it more seamlessly by ensuring the hair is curled in the same direction and shape. Grace agrees this makes a big difference. She found that by incorporating her natural hair with her extensions and then curling them, it allowed the hair to blend perfectly as the two pieces of hair connected naturally. If you’ve layered your extensions, this is an easy step, as most of your own hair is concealed by the extensions. All you would then need is to focus on your top layer and the front sections that frame your face, as it’s these parts that are going to be seen. Grace found this to be true and paid close attention to her top layer of hair. Following these tips made it hard to see where her real hair ended and the extensions began!

"I absolutely love my extensions and I wear them so much more than I thought I would! They are super easy despite having short hair and simply look amazing. They are incredible!"

Grace was able to achieve a lovely, natural style with our Human Hair Extensions. All of our clip in hair extensions allow you to instantly transform your look, and by following these tips and tricks you can enjoy them even if you have short hair!

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