How to take care of your clip-in ponytail extensions

November 22, 2022 4 min read

Just keep swishing. Get the most out of your hair accessory and learn how to take care of your clip-in ponytail extensions.
Discover how to properly wash and care for your clip-in ponytail, so you can enjoy luscious locks that last for longer.

Caring for your clip-in ponytail extensions

Aftercare doesn't have to be arduous, we promise. In fact, just a few simple tricks can help you prolong the life of your ponytail extensions. Plus, you'll feel confident you always look your best.

Use the right brush

Brushing your hair extensions is essential. But are you using the right hairbrush for your clip-in ponytail?

Our Smooth Finish Extension Brush has been specially developed for hair extensions and is made from anti-static boar bristles for a smoothing effect. This will help prevent pulling and tugging, which can lead to unnecessary shedding.

Pick a gentle shampoo

Did you know that regular shampoos contain sulphates and alcohol? This can have a drying effect on our natural hair and strip the scalp of its precious oils. It can also have a detrimental effect on your synthetic ponytail extensions. When washing your clip-in ponytail, opt for sulphate and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners for the best results.

Store safely

Sleeping with your clip-in ponytail attached to your natural hair is a big no-no. Instead, store your hair piece in its original packaging. This will stop it from being damaged or collecting dust between uses.

Keep heat styling to a minimum

Our clip-in ponytail extensions are made from Clever Fibre, which is heat resistant up to 180°C. This means you can use a straightener or curling iron to style your ponytail back into its original shape but not completely re-style the hair. However, we recommend keeping heat styling to a minimum as it can cause irreversible damage to your ponytail. 

Ditch the hair dryer

While it's tempting to reach for the hair dryer when you've been caught in a downpour or just washed your ponytail, it's always best to air dry your clip-in ponytail extensions. Just lay them out flat on a clean, dry towel to dry. To speed up the drying process, keep them in a well-ventilated room or warm closet!


How to Wash Your Clip-in Ponytail Extensions in 4 Easy Steps

Is your ponytail ready for a refresh? Learn how to wash your clip-in ponytail extension like a pro and keep them looking and smelling their absolute best.

Step 1: Brush

Before washing your hair extensions, make sure they're tangle-free by giving them a good brush. This will reduce tangles later, leading to a smoother, silkier finish.

Step 2: Create a hair bath

Treat your clip-in ponytail extensions to a luxurious hair bath! Fill your sink with warm water and submerge until the lengths are saturated. Keep the clip or attachment out of the water. Using a small amount of shampoo, work this into the lengths and rinse out. Now apply a gentle conditioner to the ends and allow it to sit for several minutes. When ready, give the ponytail a final wash with clean, warm water. 

Step 3: Detangle

To dry the hair, squeeze out excess water. Never rub the extension with a towel or wring it out, as this can damage the fibre strands and cause knots to form. Now, eliminate tangles by gently brushing your clip-in ponytail extension, starting at the ends and working your way toward the top attachment.

Step 4: Dry

Our clip-in ponytail range can be heat-styled with tools up to 180°C. However, we recommend laying the hair flat on a towel to air dry. Your ponytail will spring back into its original shape as it dries. Once dry, give it a final brush through before either storing or wearing.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you wash your ponytail clip-ins?

As a general guide, you should wash your ponytail extensions every 15 - 20 wears. You may want to wash your hair more regularly if you wear your ponytail often or for extended periods of time. This may surprise you, however as the hair isn't attached to the scalp, it doesn't need washing as regularly as your natural hair.

You'll know your ponytail is ready for a wash if it starts to look dirty, dull, or smells.

How long do ponytail extensions last?

How long your clip-in ponytail lasts will vary depending on how often it's used and how it's cared for. Follow our aftercare advice to keep your ponytail silky-smooth and soft for longer. You will need to replace your clip-in ponytail extension when it shows signs of wear or if you change your hair colour.

How do I brush my ponytail extension?

Brushing your ponytail before and after each wear keeps it looking healthy, shiny and full of life. Start by brushing your ponytail from the bottom and slowly work your way up the lengths.

If you find a tangle or a knot, separate it from the rest of the hair and hold the strand firmly above the tangle. Now, use a comb to tease out the knot, being careful not to snap the hair. 

Can I use styling products on my clip-in ponytail?

As Stranded Hair Group's ponytails are crafted from life-like synthetic hair and not human hair, it's best to avoid using styling products on the clip-in ponytail. Using hair spray or mousse can lead to product build-up which, over time, can damage and dull the hair fibres. 

My ponytail looks greasy after it's been washed, what can I do?

If your ponytail feels slippery or greasy immediately after it's been washed, it's likely there is still product left in hair fibres. Try washing it with clean, lukewarm water and removing any excess product. The water should run clean once the ponytail clip-ins are properly cleansed.

Can I re-style my clip-in ponytail extensions?

Our clip-in ponytails are meticulously crafted from the most realistic-looking, pre-styled fibre hair strands. While they can't be totally re-styled, they can be tweaked back into shape using heat styling tools not hotter than 180°C.

Now you're equipped with the knowledge you need to look after your clip-in ponytail, it's time to get creative. Explore inspiring hair styles you can do with your clip-in ponytail on our blog.

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