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Hollywoods Red Carpet Hairstyles

September 06, 2017 2 min read

How to get red carpet hair  

You don’t need to be a celebrity to get the red carpet look when it comes to your hair. In fact, hairstyles showcased during award season make perfect inspiration for date nights, weddings or any other event that you can think of. 

 From romantic waves, to up-do’s, getting your hair red carpet ready is a lot easier than you may think - and no, you don’t need to be a master stylist to pull them off either. 

Large Hollywood Curls Like Naomi Harris. 

Nothing says Hollywood glamour like big, bold curls. Especially when they are paired with rich colour and shine. Here are some top tips on how to get great curls in just a few steps… 

* Make sure your hair is clean, dry and straightened (I know, straightening when you’re talking about curls seems strange but stay with us). 

* Apply heat protection spray and divide the hair in to chunky sections. 

* Using straighteners on high heat, clamp a section of your hair and whilst pulling downwards, simply twist the straighteners 180 degrees away from your face. 

* Once all sections are done, tease with your fingers and spray some shine spray on for that extra glossy look. 


Plait it like Sarah Jessica Parker 

Sarah Jessica Parker certainly channeled Carrie at the Golden Globes, but not Bradshaw, Fisher. Plaits may seem like a complicated nightmare but you’re in luck, the Stranded Hair Plait will be your secret weapon. It’s completely natural looking and best of all, it has three extension clips attached underneath, meaning it can be attached in a variety of different ways. 

So you can go down the route of SJP and slick your hair back using the plait or copy Lily Collins style by wearing a high, brained bun with the plait wrapped around the base. Why not also try wearing your tresses down, using the plait like a hairband for a boho inspired glam.


Curly Palm like Rebecca Romijn. 

This no-nonsense up-do is simple yet classic. The Stranded Clipped Twirl will give you the added volume to pull off this look. 

To achieve this look… 

* Wash and dry your hair before straightening. 

* Pull it all up in a high ponytail before clipping in the Clipped Twirl. 

* Be sure to add some volume to the crown, it creates more of an elegant shape to your up-do and it also softens the look. To do this spray some shaping spray at the roots before combing the top to create a smooth, shiny finish. 


So there we have it. Proof that you don’t need your own glam squad to be able to achieve a true red carpet look.

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