How to Use Stranded Care Products

May 16, 2019 4 min read

Looking after your hair extensions and keeping them healthy is essential. Just like you care for your own hair, your extensions need to be properly cared for as well. We have an amazing range of aftercare products that help to keep your extensions in their very best condition and the best way to fix damaged hair!

Argan Infused Hair Extension Shampoo

Our specially formulated Hair Extension Shampoo is sulphate free and infused with Argan oil to leave your hair silky soft. What’s great is that you can use it on both our human hair and heat resistant hair extensions, so regardless of which you’ve opted for, this shampoo is perfect to wash your extensions without causing any damage. Before washing, brush through your extensions to ensure they’re tangle free, wet hair with warm water, then gently massage in the shampoo ensuring hair is covered from root to ends, and rinse out thoroughly. We recommend you follow with our Conditioner to add the nourishment the hair needs once clean.

Argan Infused Hair Extension Conditioner

As with our shampoo, our Argan Infused Hair Extension Conditioner is also sulphate free and infused with Argan oil, helping nourish and detangle your hair and leaving it lovely and soft. Suitable for use on both human and heat resistant hair extensions, this conditioner will work best when used in conjunction with our Hair Extension Shampoo. To use, work the conditioner through the hair using a comb, avoiding the roots and instead concentrating on the ends. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse out with warm water.

Argan Miracle Oil

Our Stranded Argan Miracle Oil is specifically designed to nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate dry or damaged hair. Made using premium Argan oils which are loaded with beneficial nutrients, it’s perfect to work through the ends of your hair to add the nourishment it needs.

Hair Extension Bond Remover

Our Hair Extension Bond Remover has been specially designed for quick and easy bond removal. The alcohol based solution is tough on keratin bonds, removing bonds safely without causing any damage or leaving any unwanted keratin residue, all while being kind to your hair! It’s simple to use; apply a small amount of the product to the bond and gently massage in to the top of the bond and your own hair. Allow the liquid to sink in and follow this step for each bond. Once the product has effectively soaked through, hold the root of your hair above the bond and gently slide the extension out. If the bonds have been soaked thoroughly, they should slide out easily for you.


Smooth and Style Spray

Our Smooth and Style Spray has been developed to condition and nourish hair, providing moisture to detangle and tame frizz to leave the hair soft and hydrated. This spray is suitable for both human hair extensions and our heat resistant range.

Heat Protection Spray

Protecting your hair against heat damage should always be a priority, whether you use hair extensions or not. Our Heat Protection Spray has been specially formulated to guard your hair against heat damage and protect it from split ends. Use before applying any heat to your hair to help prevent splits and breakage from occurring.

Bristle Hair Extension Brush

Our Bristle Hair Brush is designed for the gentle brushing needed for your extensions. It has been made with natural fibre bristles allowing you to gently detangle your hair. It’s a neat and compact handbag size too, so easy to take with you and keep your hair looking great and tangle free all day long.

Backcombing Tease Brush

Our Tease Brush has been made to allow safe backcombing of your hair, allowing you to add height and volume. We often recommend for you to gently backcomb your own hair before attaching any of our clip in extensions to help the clips grip better and attach more securely.

Loop Extension Brush

This Loop Extension Brush is to be used with extensions that have been attached using micro rings or keratin bonds. The loop shape of the bristles is designed specifically for these attachment methods, enabling you to care for the extensions effectively without causing damage.

Adding these products to your hair care routine will play a vital role in the longevity of your hair extensions and keep your hair looking its best!

Top Tips

In addition to using the correct care products, we have 5 top tips for properly maintaining your new hair extensions –

1. One of the easiest things you can do to keep your extensions healthy is to make sure you store them correctly. One option is our Stranded Hair Extension Suit Bag which includes a hair hanger to hold your hair. Another option would be to keep your extensions in their original Stranded box that they arrived in. The important thing is to keep the hair in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Before storing away, you should always brush the hair first to keep it smooth and tangle free.

2. After shampooing and conditioning, always gently pat the hair dry before drying, never rub! It will cause damage and tangle the hair and use soft bristle brush for hair extensions.

3. Never sleep with your clip in hair extensions attached. Always remove them before bed.

4. Likewise, be sure to always remove your clip in extensions before showering or swimming.

5. Brush them regularly! This is the best way to keep them looking their best.

It’s easy to overlook maintenance after you’ve purchased your brand new hair extensions and how to look after hair extensions on holidays. But once you’ve bought them, you want to make sure they last as long as possible and continue to look great!

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