How to fit a One Piece

April 18, 2017 2 min read

Choose your style

1. 14/16" Curly One Piece

2. 14/16" Flicky One Piece

3. 14/16" Straight One Piece

4. 18/20" Curly One Piece

5. 18/20" Flicky One Piece

6. 18/20" Straight One Piece 

Once you’ve chosen the style that’s right for you, it’s time to attach your new hair piece. Follow our easy 4 step guide;

How to apply the one piece clip-in extensions

Our one piece clip-in extensions are our best selling product, and for good reason; they're the perfect everyday option due to their ease and versatility.

Our heat resistant one piece clip-ins are available in 30 natural shades, 3 styles and 3 different lengths, so whatever you're looking for there's sure to be an option that's right for you. 

Once you've found the right colour and decided on the style and length that you'd like, you also need to consider how many clip-ins you want to use. This will mostly come down to how much volume you would like to add, with most people opting for 2 or 3 pieces.

Finally, it's time to apply them. 

Step 1

Draw a line with your fingers and section the top part of your hair.

Step 2

Open all the extension clips on the piece.

Step 3

Starting from the centre, clip the piece in along the parted line. If you have chosen to add more than one clip-in, repeat the above steps until each piece has been attached, with roughly an inch between each one.

Step 4

Un-clip the top section of your hair and gently brush through all of the hair to blend the extensions.

Using clip-in, one piece extensions is a great way of adding volume and style to your look, and by following these simple steps they can be easy to attach too.

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