Hair Inspiration for Brides

December 27, 2017 3 min read

You’ve booked the venue, you’ve sent out the invites, you’ve even found the perfect dress - now it’s time to think about the hairstyle. 

When it comes to deciding on your perfect wedding hairstyle then it’s important that it reflects who you are. After all, this is going to be a day that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life so you don’t want to be unrecognisable. 

Here are some top tips on how to achieve perfect wedding hair… 

Start early. 

You’re likely to be juggling a lot of balls when it comes to organising your wedding so don’t be tempted to leave your hair appointments until the very last minute. Instead use the build up to your wedding to build a good relationship with your chosen hair stylist, by making sure you have regular appointments with a hairdresser you trust and one who knows your hair, your style and most importantly how your hair works (for example if you need extra volume on your crown or your hair suits a certain product best). 

 Think about which styles will suit your dress. 

When it comes to matching your hair to your dress then there are a lot of things to take in to account, but none as important as the neckline. When you’re trying on your dress be sure to lift your hair up so that you can see the neckline and then figure out what style works best. You could take photographs to your stylist who will share with you the best looks to compliment your dress

 If you’re having a destination wedding, an up-do maybe better. 

Destination weddings are becoming more popular, but just a word of warning, if you’re planning on having a beach wedding or one on the side of a mountain somewhere, be prepared to for the wind and coastal weather. It’s usually best if you add some waves or texture, that way if you do get slightly windswept you’ll pull off the ruffled natural beauty look. 

Go for two looks. 

Some brides want two looks for their big day. If this is something that you are dreaming about then the number one tip is don’t ever start with up and work your way down. This is because you’ll have pin marks where your hair has been pinned up during the day. Unless you have the time to wash and style your hair in between then it’s best to start with the hair down then transform it into an up-do for the evening, then you're ready to dance the night away. 

 2019 trends 


Add something special to your hair down style with accessories and texture. The Stranded Plait can be used in a variety of ways to add an extra feminine touch to your style. 

Chigon on the side 

This was a huge trend during London fashion week and it just oozes elegance. Use a Scrunchie to add volume with very little effort. This look really suits a classic wedding and it’s the perfect look to take you from day to night, and keep you cool.

Hollywood side curls 

Nothing will make you feel glamorous more than Hollywood curls. Keep the look sleek on one side and voluptuous on the other. This is a great look for those brides who love wearing their hair down but want something striking for their big day. 

Loose Waves 

If you want the freedom of free flowing locks then just adding some loose waves and a floral headpiece can make a dramatic statement whilst remaining fuss free and elegant.

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