How Many Sets of Luxury Clip-in Extensions Do I Need?

January 12, 2023 4 min read

Thick, fine, long, or short; no matter your natural hair, we can help you feel like the best version of yourself with our luxury hair extensions.

But which extensions are right for you and how many sets will you need to create a seamless look? Read on to find out how many luxury clip-in extensions you need for your hair length and type.

Transform your hair in minutes

The hair you've always dreamed of is within reach. Our luxury hair extensions are extremely popular with all ages, face shapes, and hair colours. Just read our reviews! Meticulously designed and tested in the UK, we've taken the hassle out of hair extensions, so you can achieve the hair you want in a matter of minutes.

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Think that luxury clip-in extensions are one of those trends that's too difficult to master at home? You'll be surprised at how easy it is to fit a set of Stranded extensions. When you get the hang of it, the effects can be transformative, we promise. How else can you achieve body, volume, and length in the space of a few minutes?

How many luxury hair extension sets will I need?

When you choose our luxury Human Hair Four Piece, you can feel and look your best inside and out. But how many extension sets will you need?

Most people will achieve a naturally-thick, realistic hair look with just one set of our luxury hair extensions. Divided into four wefts, the Human Hair Four Piece is designed to blend seamlessly into your natural hair, whether thick or fine. Each weft is also pre-clipped, so all you have to do is part your hair into four sections and clip the extension pieces into place. 

With two lengths available, here's our guide to finding the best luxury clip-in extensions for your unique hair:

The 16" set

Crafted from thousands of silky-soft human hair strands and cut to a realistic 16" length, the 16" Human Hair Four Piece creates an elegant look. It's ideal for those who want volume, length, and glossy shine, with an 'I-grew-it-myself' believable finish.

Consider choosing the 16" set if you have shorter or fine hair. Weighing a healthy 140g, it won't weigh down thin hair. Instead, you'll find it boosts volume and blends smoothly into shorter locks.

The 20" set

Opulent, flowing hair is yours with the 20" Human Hair Four Piece. Offering a longer alternative to our 16" sets, this 20" luxury clip-in extension comes in 28 different multi-dimensional colour options.

Perfect for those who crave longer hair, it hangs lavishly low down the back and weighs an impressive 170g. This option blends best into medium to longer-length locks and works whether you've got fine or thick hair.

Top tip: If you have extra thick natural hair and struggle to achieve a full coverage look with just one set of extensions, why not add the Original Weft (unclipped) to your order? Designed to be customised, this weft can be cut to your desired width to achieve a bespoke look and a more voluminous finish. Simply sew on clips and you're good to go.

Tips for blending hair extensions into your natural hair

Learning how to properly blend your luxury hair extensions into your natural hair is one of the quickest ways to elevate your hair look. It can also help you get the best out of your set and may make you think twice about purchasing more wefts! Here are our top tips:

  • Short, blunt haircuts can be harder to blend into clip-in hair extensions due to the sharp edges at the bottom of the cut. To disguise this, fit your human hair extensions before heat styling. Once fitted, use a curling iron or straightener to create tumbling curls. By curling strands of your natural hair together with the extensions, you can create a more natural finish.
  • Make sure you leave enough natural hair at the top of your head to adequately cover the clip-in extensions below. No tell-tale extension streaks here.
  • If you want to go the extra mile or are preparing for a special occasion, take your hair extensions to your hair stylist and have them specially cut into your hair. P.S. do not try this at home!
  • Always brush through your luxury hair extensions before and after fitting. Once fitted, a gentle brush can help the strands blend into your natural hair.
  • For the most seamless blend, ensure you get the closest colour match possible. Our 28-strong colour range is inspired by real hair, so it's filled with multi-dimensional tones. Find your colour online or get professionally matched by one of our in-house experts.

Switch up your look

While human hair extensions are the ultimate choice when it comes to versatility, quality and luxury, they're not the only option. Switch up your hair look with our pick of other volume-boosting, full-coverage hair pieces:  

1. The One Piece

With just a single row of clips to fit, the One Piece creates a full-bodied look with minimal time, effort, or commitment.

2. The Ponytail

Fancy a fancy up-do? Try our ponytail hair pieces. Suitable for fine and thick hair alike, these ponytails wrap around your existing hair to create a long, elegant effect.

3. The Bun

Give your bun a boost with these scrunchie bun hair pieces. Curly, flicky or messy; our buns take your look to the next level.

Shop our human hair extensions here and find more tips and tricks for styling your hair on our blog.


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