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Keep your Hair Looking Good in the Heat!

October 01, 2019 4 min read

How to look after hair extensions on holiday

Sun-soaked days by the pool, dips in the sea and sticky sunscreen; summer holidays can play havoc with your hair extensions. But contending with the heat, humidity and chlorine doesn’t have to be hard work. Whether you’ve just stepped out of the salon with a fresh set of professional extensions or have a trusty set of clip-ins, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about looking after your hair extensions on holiday. 

Learn how to protect your locks and you’ll not only feel confident, but keep them looking smooth, bouncy and radiant for longer.

Travel tips 

If you’re bringing clip-in extensions along with you on holiday, help prevent damage during transit with the correct storage solution. OurHair Extension Storage Bag is designed to take up minimal room in your case and comes equipped with a small hanger.  When you arrive at your destination, simply hang them up to maintain their style and prevent tangles. 

Holiday hair tip: Save precious time when you’re on holiday by washing, brushing and styling your extensions before you go. Ensure all the clips are closed and they’re completely dry before zipping up the storage bag. Lay them flat in your suitcase so they’re in perfect ready-to-wear condition for your first night away!

Pack the right shampoo and conditioner

Long haul holiday or short city break; don’t forget to pack yoursulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulphate creates the frothy bubbles you see when shampooing your hair and, while sulphates are great at cleaning, they can strip away the hair’s natural oils, leaving your extensions feeling dry and coarse over time. Instead, protect your hair extensions on holiday (and at home) with a moisture-rich sulphate-free shampoo. 

Holiday hair tip: Consider decanting your favourite formula into smaller bottles for short trips or take along ourfull-size gift box to give hair a luxury treat after a hard day sunbathing...

UV ray protection

We all know that sunshine naturally bleaches hair, but when your hair extensions have been perfectly colour matched to your own unique shade, you’ll want to protect them from lightening. One way to combat bleaching is to use an SPF spray during the day. It will shield locks from damaging UV rays and ensure your extensions stay perfectly matched to your own natural tone. 

Holiday hair tip: Mist a fine layer of SPF spray through the length of your hair, avoiding putting it near the scalp, extension bonds or tape. Wearing a hat is also a great way to protect your scalp and stop your hair extensions from sun damage. 


Love taking a dip? Protect the colour and condition of your professional hair extensions and clip-ins by keeping them out of the ocean or pool. Salt water and chlorine can cause your extensions to discolour, tangle and matt, which is why it’s best to wear them in a high bun before heading into the water. If your extensions do come into contact with chlorine-filled pools or sea water, rinse your hair immediately to wash away any chemicals or sea salt.

Holiday hair tip: On holiday, it’s also important to be aware of how different types of water can affect your hair. Hard water, hot water and the iron content can make both your natural hair and your extensions more prone to breakage and discolouration. Instead, consider washing your hair with bottled water to maintain its shine, lustre and vibrant colour.

Skip heat styling

Thick, soft and luxurious, our extensions look beautiful whether you’ve reached for the curler or not, giving you the option to skip heat styling on holiday and still feel confident . While all of our extensions can be styled using straighteners, wands and tongs, using heat styling tools everyday can have a lasting impact on not only your natural hair, but your extensions, too. If you feel compelled to reach for the straighteners on holiday, always give your extensions a quick spritz of heat protector.

Holiday hair tip: For a fast, heat-free hairstyle on holiday, consider packing a hair ponytail piece- simply pull your hair into a ponytail, clip it in and have a full, bouncy mane in minutes!

Overnight treatment

A night time treatment can leave your hair feeling incredibly soft, shiny and oh-so luxe come morning. After a long day of sun, sand and sangria, treat your locks to a few drops of luxury hair oil. It will replenish hair whilst you sleep, leaving it feeling incredibly nourished and moisturised, ready for the day ahead.

Holiday hair tip: Start by gently brushing your hair at the ends and working upwards towards the roots to avoid any tugging or pulling on the tape or bonds. Using your hands, apply a pump of our luxuriously richArgan Miracle Oilthrough the lengths to revitalise tired hair, being careful to avoid the scalp or bonds. 

Low-maintenance hairstyles

One way to protect the integrity of your hair extensions on holiday is to keep them out of the way during the day. Plaits are not only on-trend (Kim K, Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner are all fans of the style) but prevent knots, bunching and matting when you’re regularly applying suncream, heading out in the humidity or wanting to paddle in the shallows. As our high quality extensions are designed to look seamless, you’ll feel confident you can wear them up without any tell-tale extension bonds on show.

Holiday hair tip: Before plaiting, carefully brush your extensions until they’re silky smooth. Gently create a loose braid that doesn’t tug on the tape or bonds.

Bring along the right brush

Whether you’ve opted for pre-bonded, tape or clip-in extensions, using the right hairbrush is key. Be sure to pack yourextension brush when heading away, as these anti-static bristles will help keep locks smooth and tangle-free, whilst encouraging the hair’s natural oils to work their way down the hair shaft to leave them feeling beautifully hydrated and nourished. All of our brushes are lightweight too, making them ideal travel companions!

Now you know how to look after your extensions, get some holiday hair-do ideas with ourhair inspiration for any occasion and don’t forget to pick up one of our Care & Protect Gift Boxes to ensure you’ve got everything you need on-hand for your holiday.

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