The Best of Halloween Hair

October 18, 2018 4 min read

Chic Halloween Hair Looks

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration for the spookiest night of the year, why not let your hair take centre stage? Less gore, more gorgeous, these jaw-dropping hair looks are inspired by some of the world’s most powerful (albeit slightly devilish) ladies, from Medusa to Morticia and Maleficent.


Explore our chic Halloween hair looks and find top tips for recreating them ready for your All Hallows Eve celebrations….


With her cheekbones chiseled to perfection, superhuman strength and powerful magic abilities, Maleficent is the ultimate Halloween inspiration. Her huge horns are a major part of this look and can be achieved with hair (if you’ve got the time and skills) or a headband (there’s plenty online to choose from). Add a pair of striking contact lenses, a sweep of red lipstick and pull out your contouring kit to complete the look.


Top tip:Grab a pair of Maleficent-style horns online and wear with your hair slicked back at the roots and free-flowing at the ends. Alternatively, you can fashion your own horns from your natural hair. You’ll need a backcombing brush to create height and texture, and an extreme-hold hairspray to tease the two mounds into horn-like hair sculptures.


Cruella De Vil


A classic Disney villain, Cruella De Vil’s signature half black, half white hair makes for an easy but oh-so effective Halloween hair option. If you want to recreate Cruella’s infamous look on your natural hair, opt for spray-in, wash-out hair colour to create the monochrome effect. Just make sure you have some disposable gloves and a few clips on-hand. Or, for a bold look that won’t require a hair wash before bed, pull on a black and white wig.


Top tip:Wig or natural hair, Cruella’s locks embrace wild volume and height. Backcomb your roots and crimp your lengths to achieve her full-bodied, puppy-stealing look.



Morticia Addams


The matriarch of the Addams family, Morticia makes an easy, but nonetheless elegant, Halloween choice. Her features are framed by her long dark hair, worn straight and parted in the middle. A fuss-free option for those with already dark locks, simply extend your lengths with some luxury clip-in human hair extensions to achieve the look.


Top tip: Create a sleek, Morticia-inspired style by running straighteners through your long wefts. Our clip-in human hair extensions can be heat styled – just remember to use our Heat Protection Spray beforehand and run a pump of our luxury Argan Miracle Oil through the lengths once finished to complete the effect.





Her hair is made from snakes and she can turn you to stone with one look; Medusa might just be the coolest Greek monster ever. Transform yourself into this snake-haired siren in just a few easy steps; either DIY a snake crown or buy one online and wear it atop a head full of springy curls. For even more drama, clip in our Flicky Crown Piece to boost your hair’s volume and length.


Top tip: If you’ve got your hands on a set of plastic snakes, put them to good use this Halloween by weaving them into an updo. First, pull your hair up into a loose bun and attach our Curly Scrunchie for extra volume and style. Next, loosen the front of your hair and weave your snakes through, allowing them to protrude at wild angles.



Daenerys Targaryen


Famed for her long icy locks, perfect braids and no-nonsense attitude, Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen makes for one show-stopping Halloween choice. If you’re naturally blonde, wear our premium Clip-In Human Hair Extensions and curl with a large barrel tong to create this Mother of Dragons look. Add a cape, some toy dragons and you’re ready to find John Snow.


Top tip: If you struggle to plait your own hair or are short on time, our pre-made plaits can help you recreate this elegant hairstyle. Complete with extension clips underneath for extra hold and removable elastic, they can be worn in a variety of styles again and again.



Creepy Chic Clown


This year, head out for Halloween as a creepy clown. Space buns are a popular choice, but pigtails work equally as well. This look requires minimal investment; a few hairbands, grips, a red lipstick and some black face paint will do the trick.


Top Tip: Create space buns but separating your hair into two sections; from the forehead, all the way down to the nape of your neck. Now create two high ponytails, fasten with a hairbands and backcomb the lengths. Twist them up into a bun on each side and secure with grips, adding a spritz of hairspray for extra hold.


Masquerade Ball


Nothing puts a stylish twist on Halloween quite like a masquerade mask and a sophisticated hairstyle. Chignons, buns and curls are all welcome at the ball; simply pick your favourite style, add a mask and slip into a flouncy dress to let the festivities commence.


Top tip: Exude style (and save time) with our handy hair pieces. Whisk hair into a full and thick half-up, half-down style with our luxurious heat-resistant Crown Piece, or create an updo with the help of our cleverly-designed Curly Twirlclip-in.

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