Half-Up Bun Hair Tutorial

June 27, 2018 2 min read

Next up in our hair tutorial series, we have a half-up bun style that’s the perfect mix of elegance, whilst still being modern (and very on trend).

For this style, we’ve used our heat resistant 18 inch curly 3 piece clip in extensions.

Step 1

To begin, part your hair behind the ear on either side and bring forward. This will give you three sections of hair; one main section at the back, and sections at the front on either side.

Step 2

With the main section of hair at the back of your head, separate off the top part and clip it up to keep it out of the way. You’re now going to take your large, central hair extension and clip it to the hair that’s down at the back.

Step 3

Unclip the top part of your hair and brush to blend it with your hair extension.

Step 4

Next, you’re going to comb through the front sections of your hair that you’ve brought forward. About half way along, use your comb to separate and part your hair diagonally down towards the back, like parting out a triangle of hair.

Step 5

With this section of your hair, put it over your head so you can see the line where you have just parted it. You may want to clip this hair down to secure it and make the next part a little easier. Taking one of your smaller extensions, clip it to the underneath of that top section you’ve placed over your head, so it’s like you’re attaching the extension upside down. Do this on both sides.

Step 6

Take both front sections of hair, including the extensions you’ve just attached, and comb backwards to create a sleek, pulled back look. You can add some of your hair from the back as well to this, just make sure you still have enough hair down at the back to conceal the extension.

Step 7

Gather your hair at the back tightly, begin twisting it, and then wrap it around itself to create a bun. Pin the end down using hair grips, and use grips through the bun to secure it.

To create this look, we used a set of curly extensions and lightly curled the model’s hair to match. This look would also work well if your extensions are straight or flicky, it’s just personal preference as to which style you like!

You can find the full video for messy bun piece hair tutorial on both our Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to keep a look out for our fourth and final look of this series, coming soon.

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