Discover the 5 Habits of a Confident Woman

November 11, 2019 3 min read

5 Habits of Confident Women


We all know at least one woman who inspires us with her unshakable self-confidence. Whether at a party or in the office, her presence can light up an entire room. Was she born with it? It’s more likely she’s developed it over the years, which means you can achieve it too.


Cultivating confidence is a deeply personal journey, but there are a few traits that these radiant, self-assured women all have in common. Embrace your own unique power and discover the 5 habits of confident women...



1. They see their ‘failures’ as lessons

Life is filled with obstacles, some of which can feel overwhelming in the moment, but women who embody deep self-confidence see these challenges as opportunities for growth. ‘Failure’ isn’t a word that’s in their vocabulary. Instead, they look for the lessons in tough situations and apply these learnings to their next big move.


Never afraid to set goals and go after them, confident women let go of hard days, always look for the silver lining and live outside of their comfort zone because they know that’s where the real magic happens.




2. They know that looking good feels good

Looking good can make you feel unstoppable; whether you’re at work, on the school run or going out for the evening. A self-assured woman knows the importance of taking time for herself, whether that’s a peaceful 30-minute bath, spritzing on perfume or clipping in your favourite hair extensions.


Hair can have a major impact on your self-esteem and dramatically affect how you go about your day. We believe that great hair can inspire confidence, that’s why our luxury Сlip in hair extensions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your hair for a beautifully thick, full and natural looking finish.


3. They’re aware of their strengths, weaknesses and opinions

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be an incredibly powerful thing. Confident women know what they’re good at and aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it most. By getting into the habit of evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, they’re more self-assured when taking on new challenges and can be honest about where they need support.


You’ll notice that the most confident women you know also have an opinion. By being authentic about their values and beliefs, they let go of having to people-please and have the confidence to say no and set boundaries.



4. They celebrates their uniqueness

Whether it’s listening to different music, having a strong sense of personal style or trying out a new hairstyle; these women aren’t afraid to throw trends to the curb and embrace their true, authentic selves. You’ll rarely find them comparing themselves to others, as they understand that everyone has their own unique path to follow.



5. They use confident body language

Ever wondered how confident women just emit such a relaxed, happy vibe? They use body language to great effect. Maintaining eye contact during conversations, keeping your chin up and having a straight posture with dropped shoulders are all signs of confidence.


To ooze confidence yourself, keep fidgeting at bay, avoid putting your hands in your pockets, gesture with open palms (which is a sign of openness and honesty) and smile genuinely to convey a warm, approachable manner. If you’re feeling anxious, it can be tempting to flick or twiddle your hair, but this can be distracting in social situations, so try to keep hair play at bay!


We hope you find our 5 habits of confident women useful! Explore our range of confidence-boosting hair extensions today and enjoy luxury hair, everyday.

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