Which Extensions are Right for you?

April 04, 2019 2 min read

We understand that not everybody knows the difference between the different types of hair extensions available and the pros and cons of each of them, so we're here to help and explain everything you need to know!


Human Hair Extensions

These are by far the most popular choice of hair extensions as they can be treated like your own hair; they can be cut, curled, straightened and styled. They're very versatile and have a good life span. You will find some brands of human hair extensions are better than others, this is usually down to the amount of processing the hair has undergone. Just like with your own hair, human hair extensions need to be cared for with products such as heat protection sprays and Argan Oil treatments to keep them nourished and healthy. Hair colouring is not recommended for human hair extensions as they have been processed and coloured at the manufacturing stage, therefore more colouring could effect the quality. 

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky less likely to tangle. These are more expensive than standard human hair extensions, however tape extension are an investment as the lifespan can be anywhere up to 12 months. 


Synthetic Hair Extensions

These are the most affordable range of hair extensions and are usually found as clip ins. They're perfect for adding instant volume and length for daily wear or for special occasions. Synthetic hair extensions require regular brushing. Washing them is quick and simple, we recommend using lukewarm water and a mild shampoo, leaving them to dry naturally is best. 

Heat Resistant Hair Extensions

These types of hair extensions are superior to regular synthetics as they can be curled and straightened to a certain temperature – check the packaging of the extensions you have for guidelines. They can be washed using lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

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