Does your hair grow faster when it’s cut?

May 04, 2021 2 min read

Are you craving thick, long lustrous hair but that trim at the hairdressers isn't doing what you thought? We’ve all heard the myth that a haircut makes your hair grow faster. But is it really true? We’re delving into the facts to find out whether those regular trims really do speed up hair growth.

Can a haircut make your hair grow faster?

To understand whether your hair grows faster when it’s cut, first we have to understand how hair grows. It all starts with the hair follicle, located in the scalp. This tiny organ regulates hair growth, hair colour and how curly or straight it is, with the average person’s hair growing half an inch every month. This means that unfortunately, a haircut doesn’t make your hair grow faster, as it has no influence over the growth of the hair follicle. 

Why do we believe haircuts make hair grow faster?

It’s not surprising that many people believe a haircut stimulates growth. A trim removes split ends. This reduces breakage from working its way up the hair shaft, helping hair to stay looking thick and healthy. So, while trims may not make your hair grow faster, they can help to make hair appear longer and healthier, as they prevent breakage, reduce flyaways and help you maintain a thicker length.

What makes hair grow?

According to the  American Academy of Dermatology, the average human has around 100,000 hair follicles on their scalp. All of these follicles will be at different stages of a cycle, so some of your strands will be growing, whilst others will be shedding. To grow and maintain beautiful hair, hair follicles rely on vitamins and nutrients. Have you ever noticed how your hair and nails suffer when you’ve been ill or have been eating an unbalanced diet? Therefore, it’s essential to have a healthy, nutrient-dense diet that’s rich in vitamins, protein and healthy fats – the building blocks of hair.

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