Does Covid-19 cause hair loss?

June 15, 2021 2 min read

While it’s well-known that Covid-19 can give people a host of nasty flu-like symptoms, some people are also experiencing another surprising side effect; hair loss.

At Stranded Hair Group, we’ve had several people explain to us that, following testing positive for Covid-19, they’ve suffered from hair loss. It’s also been a talking point in Covid-19 Facebook groups, where those who have had the virus have begun connecting the dots and now believe that their recent hair loss was caused by the illness. 

However, the medical community hasn't been able to pinpoint the exact reason for this and many doctors have been hesitant to take patients seriously. 

So how could Covid-19 cause hair loss? 

A  recent study published by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology  reported a 400% spike in Covid-19 related hair shedding  in a racially-diverse NYC neighbourhood. Some experts believe that it could be down to the intense stress of fighting the virus or the stress caused by the emotional, physical and mental effects of the pandemic. 

Meanwhile,  The Lancet revealed that 22% of  hospitalised Covid-19 patients in China experienced hair loss up to six months later. Whether these statistics on hair loss are related to the stress resulting from the pandemic or are symptoms of Covid-19 itself is still unclear.

What happens to our hair when we’re stressed?

Our hair goes through four phases of growth; the growing phase, transitional phase, resting phase and shedding phase. When our body is extremely stressed, our cortisol levels spike, which causes a hormonal balance which can push hair into the resting phase faster. This kind of hair loss is called TE (telogen effluvium).

On average, 10% of all of our hairs are in the resting phase, which are shed every three months. However, with stress-related hair loss, 50% - 70% can be lost at one time. While stress-related hair loss isn’t usually permanent, it can last months.

Whether hair loss is a side effect of the virus itself or of dealing with the stress of the pandemic, it’s clear that more research is needed. Hair loss can be extremely distressing and lead to a major lack of self-confidence. Our line of luxury extensions are designed to give you back your hair confidence. Explore ourHuman Hair Extensions and  Fibre One Pieces today and contact us for your expert  colour match

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