How to care for Extensions

November 23, 2017 1 min read 2 Comments


People often get nervous of brushing their hair extensions, worried that they might get tangled, come loose and even damaged. The truth is, they need to be brushed regularly, to prevent tangling. Make sure you always use a Soft Bristle Hair Extension Brush as this will prevent any snagging and pulling of the hair,  the key is to be gentle.


Always wash your hair extensions with care! We recommend washing your hair extensions no more than once a week. Over washing will cause them to dry out, and look damaged.  Here are a few tips on washing hair extensions and best way to fix damage hair:

• Remove Human Clip-In Hair Extensionsbefore washing

• Use our Argan infused shampoo & conditioner or a PH balanced shampoo 

• Use  Argan oil, heat protection spray, and deep conditioners to keep them looking sleek and nourished

• Towel dry your hair in a stroking motion, as opposed to rubbing and allow it to dry naturally


Knowing how to store and how to look after hair extensions on holiday is ESSENTIAL! Clip-in Extensions should be hung up overnight, our handy storage bags come with a hair hanger which are the perfect storage solution Hair Extension Storage bags. 


Are you using Human Hair or Heat Resistant Hair? Make sure you are fully informed of everything there is to know about your hair extensions so that you can research and care for them adequately.

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2 Responses

Stranded Hair Group
Stranded Hair Group

August 25, 2021

Hi, Suzanne, yes they are fine to wash with shampoo and conditioner. Under each product you will see a ‘Care’ tab which will explain in more detail how to care for that particular product. xx

Suzanne tayler
Suzanne tayler

August 25, 2021

I’m new to your product and very anxious about washing them are they safe to wash with shampoo and conditioner?

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