Answered: Can you Sleep with One Piece Straight Clip-in Hair Extensions & Other FAQs

January 12, 2023 6 min read

Whether you've already invested in One Piece clip-in hair extensions or are thinking about trying them, we're revealing everything you need to know about the One Piece.

Discover the answers to some of the Internet's – and our clients' – burning questions when it comes to the One Piece. We'll give you the inside knowledge on how to make the most of your One Piece Straight clip-in hair extension. Plus, find out what to avoid when wearing the One Piece.

Here's your ultimate guide to the One Piece clip-in hair extension...

Why choose a One Piece straight clip-in hair extension?

Affordable, natural-looking, and minimal effort: the One Piece is everything you want in a hair extension. Turn up the volume on fine hair, add length or simply get the confidence boost you need for a big event.

It not only saves time (there's only a single strand of clips to fit) but promises a flawless hair look that's comfortable, natural and oh-so luxe. Hair novice? This is the extension for you.

Minimal effort, maximum effect

When it comes to different types of hair extensions, it doesn't get easier than this. Impressively thick, our One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions and other styles in the collection, like the Wand Wave, Flicky and Curly One Piece, create a healthy, full-bodied look using just a single weft of hair. Plus, you can choose from two lengths; a volume-boosting 16" or a luxuriously long 20" weft. 

Packed into the lace track are thousands of strands of premium fibre hair, which have been styled into a long-lasting straight, wavy, curly or flicky look for everyday convenience. So, whether you're trying to achieve a sleek, polished style or salon-worthy blow dry, we've got you covered.

Available in a wide range of multi-dimensional colours, the One Piece gives the appearance of glossy, thick, super-smooth hair. The best bit? It can be fitted in under 5 minutes. Find out more in our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to get the facts. Learn if you can sleep in the One Piece, brush it whilst wet or dye it another colour...

Can I sleep with the One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extension?

It's best to avoid sleeping in the One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extension. Sleeping in any clip-in hair extensions can damage your natural hair, lead to hair loss and also leave your extensions tangled. Oh and it's likely to be extremely uncomfortable, too.

Instead, remove your clip-in extensions before bedtime and gently brush through the hair to tease out any knots. Make sure you hold onto the top of the hair (near the lace track) to avoid shedding. Once you have finished brushing, store the hair piece in its original packaging until its next wear.

Can you wash your hair with clip-in hair extensions in?

No. We recommend removing your One Piece clip-in hair extension before washing your natural hair.

All clip-in extensions are designed to be washed separately from your natural hair. This gives you the opportunity to properly wash your scalp between wears and also prevents any damage to your natural hair or the clip hair extension. Ensure your hair has dried thoroughly before using the One Piece again.

How do I wash my One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extension?

As we've mentioned above, it's best to wash your natural hair separately from your One Piece. But how do you wash your One Piece clip-in hair extension?

Start by filling a sink with warm water and gently brush through your hair extensions. Next, submerge the lengths of the hair extension in the sink, being careful not to get the clips wet.

Use a gentle sulphate-free shampoo to wash the extensions. Rinse out. Now apply the conditioner to the lengths and let it absorb for a few minutes. Rinse out in clean, warm water. You'll know you have removed all the product from the hair when the water runs clear.

To dry the wet hair, squeeze out excess water from the lengths and lay flat on a towel. Once dry, brush through using our smoothing hair extension brush.

Can I dye the One Piece hair extension?

Our clip-in One Piece extensions cannot be dyed. Instead, they come pre-dyed in over 30 colours, all of which are based on beautiful, real-life tones for the most natural-looking results. Find your own colour from our wide range of blonde, brunette and amber hues or try our free colour-matching service.

Over time your natural hair colour may change. We recommend getting professionally re-matched every time you buy a new One Piece hair extension. If you choose to dye your hair, it's best to get a new colour match to ensure a seamless finish.

How can I maintain my One Piece's style?

To keep your One Piece looking its best, you can use a heat styling tool up to 180°C to tweak it back into its original style.

For example, if you've chosen the One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extension, you can use a pair of hair straighteners to smooth any kinks or flicks. You can also use a curling iron to perfect the tumbling waves in the One Piece Curly.

Can you brush the One Piece Hair Extensions if it is wet?

Just like natural hair, hair extensions can be damaged if brushed when wet. While the One Piece is made from Clever Fibre – a synthetic, life-like replica of human hair, it too is more susceptible to damage when wet. To maintain its condition and minimise shedding, wait until the One Piece is dry before brushing through using our Smooth Finish Extension Brush.

Can I swim with the One Piece straight clip-in hair extension in?

No – to keep your One Piece hair extension looking its best, you should remove it before swimming. Salt water, chlorine or prolonged exposure to direct UV rays should all be avoided.

What should I avoid when wearing the One Piece?

For long-lasting, silky-smooth results, avoid getting perfumes or body fragrances on your clip-in One Piece extensions. Sunscreen and fake tan can also damage your extensions, so it's always best to apply this first and ensure it has dried thoroughly before clipping in your extensions. 

If you do decide to tweak your One Piece clip-in with heat styling tools, ensure these are no hotter than 180°C.

What is the One Piece made from?

To help you feel your best inside and out, our One Piece hair extensions are made from only the highest quality, Stranded Clever Fibre hair. Carefully designed to move and feel like natural hair, it has a glossy appearance that creates an ultra-healthy look. Plus, it's been pre-dyed into a wide range of realistic, multi-dimensional colours.

The One Piece also contains a built-in lace track which sits comfortably against the head, and features silicone-lined grips for a sturdy fit.

How much does the One Piece straight clip-in hair extension cost?

Our One Piece extensions cost between £29 - £32 each depending on the length you choose. You can also purchase the One Piece Trio, which contains three One Piece styles, starting at just £66.

How long does it take to fit the One Piece?

With just one piece of hair to attach, fitting the One Piece is faff-free. Most people can fit the One Piece in under five minutes. Simply part your hair from ear to ear, and start by clipping in the middle extension.

Next, work your way from ear to ear, attaching each clip as close as possible to the parting. Once complete, brush through to blend. You may also choose to style your natural hair to help the extension combine flawlessly into your natural locks.

How can I find the right colour match?

If you are confident in colour matching your own hair, simply browse our shades to choose the right hue for you. Alternatively, our experts are on-hand to provide a free colour matching service. Simply send us a photo of your hair in natural lighting (without any filters) and we'll recommend your closest match.

Shop our full One Piece hair collection today and find your new hair confidence. We also have lots of advice, inspiration and hair tips on our blog.

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