The Best of Braided Hair

May 23, 2017 3 min read

We’re always on the lookout for inspiration when it comes to hair styles. Rebecca Lavender from @braidsandblooms_ has long been giving us hair envy with the beautiful styles that she creates. Known for her braided looks and love for fresh flowers, she’s grown her following by combining the two within her content. She recently hosted her very first workshop, bringing her two passions together by teaching braiding techniques and showing people how to create such aesthetically pleasing images for themselves.

Being such admirers of Becca’s looks, we were excited to collaborate with her. We challenged her to create three braided styles using our hair extensions, and she did not disappoint.

Look 1

For her first look, Becca created an intricate fishtail plait, using our 18-inch Flicky Three-Piece Set in the colour ‘Sweetheart’. As Becca’s hair is naturally long, she was able to use the 18-inch set just for volume rather than length, and it really helped to create this lovely, chunky style. She finished her braid a few inches before the end of the hair, allowing the flicky ends of the extensions to show and finish the style off beautifully. Becca twisted a section of hair around the elastic used to secure the plait to ensure a nice, neat finish. We love this simple style. It’s perfect for an everyday look.

Look 2

Our 22-inch One-Piece adds amazing length to your hair. Becca used our flicky style to create an incredible long French braid style, again in the colour ‘Sweetheart’. She created a side plait by parting her hair on the side and then beginning her French braid on the larger side of her hair. It looks stunning! The length the 22-inch One-Piece has added has really made this a statement style, one which is easy to create yourself once you know how to do a French braid. Becca finished this look with a simple outfit so as not to detract from the hair and, of course, her signature blooms for a romantic, feminine touch.

Look 3

This third style may look complicated, but it’s all about breaking it down into steps. Becca has chosen to create this look with her 18-inch Three-Piece set to give her more hair to work with and create a more voluminous look. To create this style, Becca began by taking the top part of her hair, securing it and twisting a section of hair around to conceal it. She has then gone on to create an amazing twisted pull-through braid, which looks so lovely and thick thanks to the extensions. Once her braid has ended, she has again twisted a section of hair around the bottom to conceal any elastics used. She finished her braid at the nape of her neck. This once again allows the flicky ends of the extensions to be on full show, adding the perfect finishing touch. The thickness and quality of our Heat-Resistant hair creates a gorgeous finish to this braided style.

All three of Becca’s looks have given us so much hair inspiration! Adding extensions is one of our best tips when it comes to creating braided hairstyles. Not only do they add length, they add a lot of thickness too, helping you to achieve a chunky, Pinterest-worthy braided style.

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