Autumn Hair Trends 2021

September 22, 2021 3 min read

Autumn Hair Trends 2021

Curtain Bangs

Autumn is just around the corner, this year we have more trends than ever to look forward to. Get ready to see modern glamourous twists to hair trends across the decades and a lot of experimenting, whether that’s changing up your colour or taking the plunge with a new haircut.


Bangs and soft texture

Margot Robbie Autumn Hair Inspiration

The most popular hair trend this Autumn is predicted to be bangs and soft texture. Shown here by Margot Robbie, you will see a lot of 70s trends making a comeback through this article… if you’re not prepared for Farrah Fawcett feathered hair look away now!

Bangs have been seen all through summer and it seems they are here to stay. We love this easy to maintain but glamourous look and hope it stays to make a comeback next summer too. We are used to Margot’s platinum blonde hair, her new darker and caramel tones with face- framing highlights in the front is a great way to change up your hair colour for the Autumn months.

Feathered Hair

Lizzo with feathered 70's hair

The next trend is again paying homage to the 70’s. This feathered and layered look is perfect for those looking for a total transformation. If you have longer hair and want to bring more volume into your look this is the solution. Short layers give lots of texture and mean your hair looks done with little maintenance. Shown here by Lizzo, the style can be worn curly or straight. This look is similar to the shaggy look that is also on the comeback.  


Emily Ratajkowski Bob

Next up is the bob, a look that never goes out of style. This bob worn by Emily Ratajkowski shows less length doesn’t mean less volume and texture. If this isn’t your look, any bob that has layers is the perfect way to change up your look and look extra chic for the Autumn months. If you have thinner hair, why not carry on the 90s trends we have seen this summer and get a super chic one length 90s bob.  

Hair Accessories

Claw Clip

Hair accessories seem to be going nowhere from their rise to the spotlight this summer, claw clips have come back from the 90’s with a vengeance and are here to stay for Autumn. This Autumn perhaps think about switching out your colourful claw clips for more muted tones to stay on trend. As well as claw clips hair scarfs are another hair accessory that are here to stay, these can be worn in braids or as a classic headband.

Glamorous Hair

Zendaya with glamorous sleek hair

The final trend predicted to be coming back this Autumn is all out glamorous sleek hair. Life is finally returning to normal and there is no better time than now to go all out luxe hair. Zendaya gives us glamour vibes with this sleek high half pony look. London hair stylist Larry King likens this trend towards glamour to the old 1920’s roaring glamour. “People are enjoying being out again and being allowed to socialise. Glamorous hair is all a part of that”.

We hope you come away from this blog with some Autumn hair inspiration! Let us know if you will be trying any of these styles in the comments.

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