Are One Piece Hair Extensions Good To Use?

November 22, 2022 4 min read

Volume, gloss and length; it's all yours with the One Piece. But what is a One Piece and is it right for your hair? We're rounding up everything you need to know about clip-in One Piece hair extensions.

What is a One Piece hair extension?

Just like your hair, but better: the One Piece is a single clip-in extension that adds gorgeous length, style, and volume to your natural hair. Unlike clip-in hair extensions that have multiple wefts, the One Piece is a single weft that creates a full-bodied look, fast.

Designed for zero fuss but maximum impact, the One Piece takes just moments to fit. The result? Hair with some serious oomph. 

Thoughtfully crafted from heat-resistant Clever Fibre, our One Piece extensions are available in two believable lengths (16" and 20") and are pre-styled for ease and longevity. Plus, you can choose from 30 multi-dimensional colours for the most realistic finish. So, whether your hair is curly, wavy or poker-straight, raven black or cherry red, there's a One Piece for you.


4 reasons to try the One Piece

1. It's easy to use

Forget fiddling with five different-sized wefts on a busy Monday morning. The One Piece is hailed for its ultra-easy design, with just a single strand of clips to attach. This means even a hair novice can create an undetectable finish. What's more, it's already styled into shape, so you can simply clip in thicker hair and go.

2. An instant transformation

Whether you crave more length, want to ramp up the volume, or are keen to give your colour a refresh, the One Piece clip-in offers you an instant update. Available in over 30 life-like tones, our One Piece extensions look incredibly authentic and have a healthy shine, disguising natural hair that needs a little TLC.

3. It's affordable

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to human hair extensions, the One Piece is a high-quality, money-saving alternative. Available from just £29 at Stranded Hair Group, the One Piece is made from life-like synthetic hair fibres, making it a cost-effective option for those that still want to achieve a silky, sophisticated look. Your wallet will thank you later.

4. Fast fit

It doesn't get faster than this. With some extensions requiring you to part your hair in up to 8 different places, the One Piece requires just a single parting from ear to ear. Plus, there are only five silicone-lined grips to attach, so the One Piece can be fitted in a matter of minutes. The ultimate fast-fit.

How to use the One Piece

Whether you're just dipping your toe into the world of extensions or are a savvy hair expert, fitting the One Piece is one of the easiest, fastest ways to transform your locks. Here's how it's done:

Step 1:

Choose your extension from our Straight, Curly, and Flicky One Piece collection.

Step 2:

Style your natural hair to match the texture of the One Piece. For instance, if you've chosen our One Piece Straight Clip-In Extension, use a straightening iron to create a smooth, kink-free look on your natural hair.

Step 3:

Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear around the middle of your head. Secure the top half temporarily in a clip.

Step 4:

Start to clip the extension into place along the parting.

Step 5:

Take your hair down and brush through gently, holding the One Piece at the root to avoid pulling. This will help to blend your natural hair with the One Piece. Tweak your hair until you are happy with the final effect.


Top tips for using a One Piece hair extension

  • If you have fine or silky hair, backcomb your hair parting before fitting the One Piece. This gives the silicone grips more texture to grab hold of, creating a more stable, long-lasting hold.
  • For an even quicker fit, prepare your One Piece by opening all of the clips before use.
  • To create an even, comfortable fit, find the middle clip on the One Piece. Attach this at the centre of your parting first. Next, start clipping the rest of the extension in, working your way towards one ear and then the other.
  • If the One Piece feels too big, part your hair lower around your head (at its widest circumference)


One Piece Hair Extension FAQ's

How much do One Piece hair extensions cost?

Our One Piece hair extensions start at just £29. Made from heat-resistant synthetic hair, they mimic the look and feel of natural hair, for a believable, life-like appearance. Plus, they are available in two lengths, so you can pick the perfect style for you.

How long will my One Piece hair extension last?

Clip-in One Piece extensions will have a varied lifespan depending on how much they are worn, how they are cared for and where they are stored. This means they may last for several months or longer. Your One Piece will need replacing when it starts to show signs of wear. 

Are One Piece hair extensions suitable for fine hair?

Yes! The One Piece is suitable for all hair types including fine and thick hair. If you have fine hair, you may find the longer One Pieces feel too heavy for your hair. If your One Piece pulls on your natural hair, you should stop wearing it immediately.

Why choose a One Piece from Stranded Hair Group?

Designed to create a confident new look, our One Pieces give your hair an instant boost. With a wide choice of shades, two lengths and high-quality Clever Fibre strands, our collection has been meticulously crafted to look and behave just like your natural hair. Plus, a comfortable lace track means the One Piece sits flush against your head for a comfortable feel all day long.

How can I get the right colour One Piece extension?

The best way to find the right colour One Piece is to ask an expert. Our advisors are on hand to suggest the perfect match for your individual look. When taking a photo for your colour match, it's important to avoid filters or camera flashes. Instead, take a photo of your hair in natural light.

As your hair changes over time, we recommend getting colour-matched every time you buy a new One Piece.

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