3 Ways To Use Our Tease Brush

July 27, 2021 2 min read

The tease brush is a must have tool for everyone no matter your hair type. While the brush shouldn’t be used for teasing everyday as it can be harsh on the hair it has many uses that can create different looks! Here are our favourite looks that can be created using just the tease brush. 

Adding volume

The teasing brush’s primary purpose is to add volume to your hair. The size of this brush makes it easy to give volume to precise sections of hair creating a finished look. If you have thinner hair adding volume around your roots can give the illusion of thicker hair. Another great use is to add texture to where you are clipping in your extensions to give an extra secure base and ensure they sit comfortably all day.

Our favourite look using the teaser brush to create volume is a flicky ponytail. To achieve this look, use the thin end of the teaser brush to section the hair just in front of where you want your ponytail to sit, use the tease brush to great volume then gently smooth and pull your hair into a ponytail adding the Fibre Flicky Ponytail for a thicker looking ponytail. If you want to add extra height, use the end of the teaser brush to gently pull-on sections of hair and then add hair spray to keep it in place.

Smoothing flyaways

It’s also perfect for smoothing flyaway hairs to give a sleek finish, the soft bristles mean the brush glides over the hair without tugging on it to smooth stray hairs down. Making it great for taming baby hairs and keeping your hair in place all day. Spray the brush with hair spray to give an even covering and secure stray hairs. The benefit of the tease brush is that it can be done without effecting the rest of your hair as the brush is so gentle.

Our favourite look using this method is the sleek back hair look. For this look brush the hair back then use hair spray and the tease brush to put the hair in place. If you have thicker or longer hair you may need to add a bobble or claw clip to the nape of the neck while doing this, so it stays back.

Sectioning hair

The tease brush is also great for sectioning hair, the thin end of the brush is great for precisely sectioning out pieces of hair. A must have tool for getting the perfect parting! Sectioning the hair with this tool also allows you to add your extensions exactly where you want them to go before using the brush side of the teaser to add texture. Our favourite look using the tease brush to section hair is zig zag space buns. This fun hair style is made easy with the tease brush. Simple section hair in the centre then use the thin end of the brush to create a zig zag pattern. 


We hope you love these looks and try them for yourselves, show us your look by tagging us on Instagram! Let us know in the comments your favourite way to use our tease brush.

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