3 Easy Hairstyles with One Piece Clip-in Hair Extensions

January 12, 2023 4 min read

Ready to get hair confident? Feel good about your hair with these three easy hairstyles using the One Piece Straight Clip-In Hair Extension. With minimal time and effort, you'll be ready to step out as your most self-assured self and make your mark on the world. Try out these three One Piece looks today.

Why we love the One Piece

There's so much to love about our One Piece collection. Natural-looking, easy to fit and exquisitely thick, it's no surprise they are among our best-selling styles.

Made from thousands of Stranded Clever Fibres all carefully stitched into a soft lace track our One Piece Straight, Curly, Flicky and Wavy look incredibly life-like. 

But what makes Stranded Clever Fibre so special? Extensively developed to appear as realistic as possible, our signature fibre strands are glossy, healthy-looking and designed to look and feel like natural hair. Plus, with just a single strip of silicon-lined clips, this hair extension is a breeze to fit ideal for when you're on the go.

Another thing that separates our One Piece's hair extensions from the rest is our realistic range of hair colours. From rich reds to glossy browns and expensive-looking blondes, our One Pieces are laced with multi-dimensional hues that mimic real hair. The result? Hair that looks believable from any angle. 

What's your One Piece style?

Tumbling waves, poker straight locks or a classic blow dry? Whatever your style, we've got a One Piece to suit.

Choose from our:

All of our One Piece hair extensions have been pre-styled into a long-lasting finish, so you won't need to reach for the straighteners or curlers every time you want to rock them.

However, if your One Piece does start to lose its shape, you can use heat styling tools up to 180°C to gently tease the hair back into its original style. For instance, if your curly hair has dropped, you can use a heated curler to encourage the fibre hair back into a curl. Similarly, if your One Piece Straight has developed some kinks during storage, glide a straightener no hotter than 180°C through the hair to restore its sleek look and feel. Due to the nature of Stranded Clever Fibre, you cannot completely re-style the hair.

3 Easy hairstyles using the One Piece Straight

Looking for some fresh hair inspiration? Break out of a hair rut with these fast, easy hairstyles using our One Piece Straight clip-in hair extensions.

Have a different One Piece style? Good news: all of these styles can be achieved with any of our One Pieces, including the Wavy, Curly and Flicky.

1. Half-up Half-down

A crowd-pleasing hairstyle that looks far more pulled-together than it actually is. The half-up, half-down gives you the best of both worlds: flowing locks on the bottom and an updo on the top.

Once you've mastered the basics, the half-up half-down opens up a world of hair possibilities. Think buns, braids, plaits, clips and bows. Learn how to achieve a basic half-up, half-down hairstyle with the One Piece Straight.

Step 1: Brush your hair through and part horizontally from ear to ear using a comb. Secure the top section using a claw clip. 

Step 2: Start clipping in the One Piece Straight along the horizontal parting. If your hair is fine or soft, you can backcomb your parting to help prevent the extension clips from slipping.

Step 3: Remove the top claw clip and blend the One Piece into your natural hair. You can do this by gently brushing through your hair.

Step 4: Separate a small section of hair at the top of your head and pull it into a ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie. Make sure you leave enough hair down to cover the One Piece. 

Step 5: You can either leave this top section in a ponytail or switch it up by twisting it into a bun or loosely braiding it.

2. Sleek side parting

An occasion-worthy look that oozes sophistication: go for a sleek, side parting for your next event, date night or wedding celebration. As seen on Mila Kunis, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna and Sophie Turner, the deep side parting works on a whole range of face shapes and hair types. Get the look:

Step 1: Apply a mousse to freshly washed, wet hair to help the hairstyle hold. Now create a deep side parting on your preferred side using a comb. Blow dry until your hair has fully dried.

Step 2: For a poker-straight finish, straighten your natural hair.

Step 3: Now, part your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Temporarily clip up the top section. 

Step 4: Clip in the One Piece Straight hair extension along the parting you've created.

Step 5: Let the top section of your hair down and gently brush through your hair being careful not to pull the extensions. 

Step 6: To give your parting extra staying power and tame any flyaways, spritz the side parting with hairspray.

Tip: Consider pinning your hair behind your ears for a red carpet-inspired finish.

3. Low ponytail

Simple and stunning: the low ponytail creates a polished look that everyone can pull off.

Elevate the low ponytail by wearing our One Piece Straight Clip-In hair extensions. Thick, luxurious and long, this time-saving style is a go-to for meetings, coffee mornings and everything in between. 

Step 1: Brush through your natural hair and part horizontally across the middle of your head. Use a claw clip to secure the top section

Step 2: Start clipping in your One Piece Straight clip-in hair extension along the middle parting. 

Step 3: Remove the clip and let your hair down. Gently brush through your hair until it blends with the One Piece.

Step 4: Using a comb, lift up a section of hair at the crown of your head and gently backcomb to give it some height. 

Step 5: Now gather your hair into a low ponytail. Smooth over the backcombed section with a brush or comb until it's all smooth. Secure with a hair tie.

Volia! Three easy hairstyles you can do with the One Piece Straight, Flicky, Wavy and Curly hair extensions. Use our colour matching service to find your perfect One Piece.

For more ideas and tips on styling your hair pieces, head to our blog.

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